Foofoo Threads Camille Top and Marley Pants

Today, I am reviewing the newest adorable frilliness that are the Camille Knit Top and Marley Button Up Ruffle Pants Patterns from FooFoo Threads. Jocelyn of Foofoo Threads is constantly cranking out whimsical vintage-inspired sweetness. I don’t know about you, but I am still in love with the ever popular boutique style clothing. So, when I saw these two patterns I jumped at the chance to review them!

The Camille Top is made almost entirely of knit with the exception of the bodice ruffles and flutter sleeves which can also be made in woven. I chose woven ruffles and flutter sleeves. I was inspired by all of the tester photos that I saw and went for spring inspired look with this super cute butterfly knit, of course, I couldn’t resist adding black and white and polka dots to the mix because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. The pattern recommends a folded edge hem for woven flutter sleeves, but because I had such a light and sheer fabric I cheated by cutting two of each and sewing them together to make a seamed edge, ha ha! I did add the optional slit so that we can avoid messing up my daughter’s hair when we put the shirt on and take it off. For some reason the button closure is her favorite part of the shirt. Go figure.

The  Marley Pants have two lengths: full and capri and features an eye-catching button placket “slit” above irresistible ruffles.  I used a yummy mint stretch denim for a full length version, but the  pattern calls for medium to lightweight woven/non-­‐stretchy fabric. Keep in mind that I did not realize that my fabric has stretch until I got it home, however,  the fabric is sturdy enough that I did not have any problems sewing as I would a regular denim, plus, I believe the stretch will make this pair last a little longer. My daughter is notoriously thin with long lean legs so I did a few adjustments to get this pair right for her. Because my year old daughter measures at the 6-12m size in her waist I ended up making a 2t width using the 4t crotch curve and adjusting the length and rise for a size 6. The pattern includes instructions for adjusting the rise and length as needed. The only thing I couldn’t decide on was the the hem length for the ruffles. I made it a little longer so that I can let them out a little next year for longer wear. Right now they are kind of just tacked in place, but don’t worry I’ll eventually pick a length.

Notes: The button placket was the bane of my existence, BUT only because my buttonhole function decided it did not know how to make proper buttonholes anymore. I made up for my frustration with the use of these delicious gem style buttons. Yes, they are a touch decadent, but it made me feel better. Besides the machine error, the placket was well explained and easy to install so don’t let it intimidate you!

I can’t wait to see your version of the Camille Knit Top and Marley Button Up Ruffle Pants so be sure to share them in the Pattern Revolution Facebook group and FooFoo Threads Enthusiasts group on facebook. Both groups are full of wonderful ladies who can help answer questions you may have about sewing up these fun patterns.