The Wrap Top by My Childhood Treasures

Hello, Heather from All Things Katy!, here! Today, I’m reviewing the newest pattern by Treasurie- My Childhood Treasures, the Wrap Top (S509). This beginner-friendly ballet top pattern is perfect for dancers and little dancer want-to-bees!

For a point of reference, I sewed up a size seven Wrap Top (S509) for my daughter. I used super-stretchy ITY from my personal fabric stash and regular ¼” elastic (since my daughter will be wearing the Wrap Top (S509) casually and not to an actual ballet class/athletics). The pattern does suggest using swimsuit elastic in order to be more resistant to sweat.

I was able to sew up the Wrap Top (S509) in about an hour from start to finish and I just used my regular old sewing machine for most of the construction. Talk about a beginner-friendly pattern! I really appreciate a pattern that can be simple to sew and still have an impressive end result! The Wrap Top (S509) is the perfect wrap for every occasion; from wearing to/from ballet class to keeping warm on cool spring mornings, while waiting for the school bus! So fun to sew and wear!


Marnie's version of The Wrap Top: