Leilani Swing Dress and Harem Romper by MODKID

Hi readers, Chris here!  Summer is almost here on my side of the world, and my summer sewing checklist keeps growing.  This week, I had the opportunity to cross something off my list and I’m here to review Modkid’s new Leilani pattern for you.

Leilani is a knit swing top, swing dress or harem romper for girls sizes 2t to 8/9 or tween/teen sizes 10-18.  There are optional inseam pockets that can be used on either the dress or romper.  Miss E chose the dress version and picked fabrics from my stash - a super stretchy rayon spandex for the main fabric and a lightweight cotton lycra for the bands (as I was concerned the main fabric would be *too* stretchy for those!).  I love how the rayon spandex drapes, and she loves how comfortable it is!  And as always, she loves the “spin factor”!  

This was my first Modkid pattern, and I was a bit wary choosing the size based off of her height only, but the finished measurement listed for the bodice with matched up with her chest measurement plus a little ease, so I decided to trust it and the resulting dress is a great fit!  

Overall, I found Leilani to be a easy sew.  I rated it as an advanced beginner pattern only because of the knit bindings used on the neck and arms, which can be a little finicky if you’re just starting out.  Patty’s instructions are really clear, though, so you shouldn’t be afraid to give it a try!  I love the look of the double straps, they give this simple dress a little “something special”.  

I have a feeling Leilani will be a staple in Miss E’s summer wardrobe, it’s easy for her to play in and simple to make, with adorable results!  


Leonie's Romper Version

Rebecca's Swing Dress Version