Milly Doll by My Childhood Treasures

Hi readers! It’s Heidi. I did something different this week...I made a doll! I have been wanting to sew up a doll for my one year old, so when this review call for the Milly Doll was posted I knew I had to jump on it! My little girl is obsessed with baby dolls. She loves to kiss them, hug them, and push them in her baby doll stroller. When I gave her this doll all finished, her face lit up, she grabbed her, and gave her a big kiss. Then she took her from me and plopped her down in the stroller for a ride around the house. Success!

I had never sewn a doll before. The instructions in the tutorial from My Childhood Treasures were clear and accompanied by pictures to make it very easy to follow. I didn’t have any trouble with construction. I did purchase an iron on face pack instead of attempting to embroider or draw on the face. I made felt pigtails for her hair, but you can also make a ponytail out of yarn. The pattern also includes pattern pieces and instructions on how to make a dress for your doll. I love how it has a velcro closure. This will make it so easy for my daughter to change her clothes when she gets a bit older.

Making the doll was a bit more tedious than the children’s clothes that I am used to. I don’t think I will become a dollmaker any time soon - haha! There were brief instructions on how to do a slip stitch in the tutorial, which you use to close up the doll after stuffing. Because I hadn’t ever done this hand stitch before I also googled it and watched a video. You’ve got to love the internet! All in all, this pattern was a winner. I will probably make another one as a special present for Christmas!