Elise Top by Violette Field Threads

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If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you are well versed in how much I love versatility!  Well today's review is no stranger.  The Elise Top by Violette Field Threads has 12 written variations, and then plenty of room to still put your own stamp on the garment by creating more variations of your own!  With long or short sleeves, this pattern will work year round; and with a size range of 6/12m-10y it isn't one your child will quickly outgrow.  I have had this pattern in my stash for about a year now and I am ashamed that I took so long to pull it out and make it!

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The main top is knit, so perfectly comfy for play; and the bib embellishments are made from wovens, the perfect place to use scraps or small pieces of a very special fabric.

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I found the fit of the 2T to be spot on for my broad chested girl who wears a 2T in RTW with a bit of room to grow - this is not designed to be a tight fitting or clingy knit top, if you like that fit better, you can always size down..  The puffed sleeve adds that extra girly touch to separate this from other basic t-shirts.  I love that the length comes to about low hip on my girl, making it perfect for either tucking in or leaving out. (I really really hate shirts that are too short and show the belly when she runs and plays).

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The only tricky part in the construction is the bound neckline - the instructions are very clear, and if you have never done one before this is a skill you should definitely learn.  The key is to go slowly, stitch carefully, and iron your bias tape VERY well before starting.  I was rushing mine s bit so it isn't quite as perfect as I would like, but practice and patience make perfect!

(*The first image is modeled with the Whitney Pleated Trousers, also by VFT - the full review of the pants can be found HERE)

Here is Kara with a more in depth look at the pattern, and more variations on what can be done with it!


Violette Field Threads Elise Shirt Review by Kara Orr

I've spent a lot of time looking for the "perfect" bib shirt.  In my search, I came across the Elise Shirt from Violette Field Threads and had to buy it.  My favorite part of this top?  It can be made into 12 different variations, and I'm sure there are more if you are really creative!

We were playing at our church while I was taking these pictures.  The sun was shining through a stained glass window in the gym and making colored light on the floor.  What do you do when there is light dancing on the floor?  Dance with the light!  

I made the long sleeve version since we are in a Polar Vortex (that makes me laugh every time I hear it!) right now.  Burrrr!  I used a cotton knit for my shirts but next I'm using sweatshirt fleece.  The ruffle on the pink shirt is woven but I used knit for the second shirt ruffle.

There are instructions for bib, sleeve length and tab variations.  As you can see, I chose to make 2 versions.  I made the first a traditional bib front and the second, a ruffle down the center.  I got a little creative for the second version, the instructions for the front ruffle placement are not in the pattern.  Ruffle instructions are included, I just changed the placement of my ruffle.

The construction for the shirt is with a normal sewing machine, with some tips on using knits included.  I chose to use my serger to construct my garment, so that is an option as well, but it is wonderful to see instructions that don't require one.  The time involved in making this top is very minimal.  The most time consuming part is the ruffle and bib, but there are options to make a quicker version, and of course you could omit them completely.

The Elise Shirt ranges in size from 6/12month - 10.  This shirt is nice for all seasons because of the varying sleeve lengths.  It can be made from sleeveless to long sleeve.  I thought the fit was really nice, I could have sized down for my peanut because she is so small.  

 The smile says it all.

I like the gathered sleeve and the neckline of the Elise Shirt.  This is a pattern I would make again and again (and already have).