Get Moving Pants by Everything Your Mama Made & More

As we sew for ourselves this month it is also important to think of other areas in your life where you can take care of yourself a bit better.  Having some quiet time, listening to music that gets your foot tapping, giving and receiving hugs (medical fact - it is good for you!), and of course taking a look at your health.  Wah wah wah wah waaaaaaah.... this is what happens in my brain when people start talking about getting healthy.  It is the whole, 'I know I should, buttttttttt'  - syndrome.

However, starting in January, I recommitted to going to the gym and eating a bit better.  The stronger I am, the higher I can throw my babies in the air, the longer I can chase them around pretending to be a snake/bear/lion, and the better chance I have at being around for a long time to watch them grow up.

Today's review of the Get Moving Pants by our affiliate Everything Your Mama Made is perfect if you have a plan of starting a work out routine or just getting outside for an occasional walk.  Here is Katie to show of her pair and her thoughts on the pattern....


With every new year, a new set of resolutions are made and forgotten. This year, I decided to sum it all up with "get healthy". That pretty much means cut back on the chocolate and wine, eat clean and start exercising (not my favorite thing to do). So far, so good on the sweets and vino, and I start every day with a "green smoothie". But I have yet to get myself motivated enough to spend my precious child-free time on any kind of exercise (I prefer to sew, of course). I thought, what better motivation than to make myself a few pairs of the Everything Your Mama Made and More Get Moving Pants!

Oh yes, my favorite part. Pictures of myself.

Wow, these pants are a very quick sew! I have made 3 pair in 3 different colors, and have another pair cut out and ready to go in a shorter size. The most time consuming part is printing out all the pattern pieces (12 pages to print and tape for the misses size, and 24 for the plus size). Each page is numbered in order of taping, and has a line to match up - so there is no second guessing what goes where. The actual sewing only took me a half hour at most.

This is a great beginner pattern, even if you are new to knits. The designer includes a "Knits 101" section with great tips on how to successfully work with your fabric. I'm not totally knit clueless, but it's not my strong suit. The pattern is full of clear pictures and easy to understand instructions to follow along with.

The fit is fantastic! They are meant to be a compression-type fit, and boy are they ever! Not a lot of stuff moving around back there, if you know what I mean. Even still, they are very comfortable and I'll use them as leggings for under dresses and tunics, as well as for exercising in. The pattern includes a size chart based on average measurements, as well as a finished measurement chart. She also includes directions on how to alter the pattern pieces to adjust for length, waist, and rear rise - so you can create a completely custom-sized pair of pants from this pattern.

This is definitely a pattern you should add to your collection - it's a fun, nap-time project that will make you want to get out and get moving! (I wore mine all day today with the intent of going for a run, but I just stayed home and sewed. I need a little will power to go with that motivation. Oops.)