Summertime Dreams by My Treasured Heirlooms

One of the things that I love about living in the Midwest is that we experience all four seasons. Yeah, you'll hear us gripe about the allergies, or snow, or heat, but I love that the weather changes and we get to enjoy all aspects of it. I also love patterns that transition well from season to season. Whether it's throwing a cardigan over it or layering a tee under it, I like for my daughter to get a little more longevity out of the things that I work so hard to make for her. Today we have just that kind of a pattern from My Treasured Heirlooms. I'm going to hand it over to Shae and Rebekah so they can tell you all about it!

Hi!  Once again, I’m Shae with Saflower Photography and Saflower Designs.  

There is just something about a simple dress with simple lines that makes me super happy!!  I mean, you can do so much to personalize them!  For my review of the Summertime Dreams dress by My Treasured Heirlooms, I wanted to keep things nice and simple.  Because this dress is REVERSIBLE my daughter and I were able to agree on fabrics for once!  I like to pick fabrics that photograph well, and she likes to pick fabrics that are pink.  This pattern has a few options that include a side zipper, a keyhole with button, and no closures.  I went with the keyhole since my daughter has a big ol’ head.  Overall, this is a great pattern for a beginner.  It has a huge impact and will work with all seasons since there is plenty of room to layer a shirt under it.  

The construction is simple and straightforward and the directions are excellent.  As I was cutting it out I kept thinking that is was going to be really short on her, but the length ended up being perfect.  The one mistake I did make was the timing.  I figured it was going to be a super quick sew, but it actually took me a lot longer than anticipated because of all the bias tape trim.  The pattern calls for just sandwiching the dress between the bias tape, rather than sewing it in the crease and flipping it over.  Because of that, I had to be way more careful than I usually am with trim.  I am beyond happy with my results and my daughter loves her new dress!!

Hey there! I'm Rebekah and I blog over at Rebekah Sews. I am a new member to the Pattern Revolution review team and still need to pinch myself to really believe I'm here! I'm still a little star struck to tell you the truth. Guess what?! It's time for my first review. Deep breath...and here we go!

I just love timeless patterns that are simple yet can be made to be as complex or not as you want. This little A-line tank style dress is just that. A piece that can be simple or it can be more than that. The designer, My Treasured Heirlooms calls it a blank canvas. I full heartedly agree to that! There are a couple options for this dress included in the pattern. This includes a keyhole with button closure, zipper closure, or no closure. It is also reversible as the bias tape used to create the straps and hem encloses all seam lines in-between the two layers. Also included is an 18" doll dress! This dress is closed with Velcro to make it easier for little hands to dress their dolls!

I made three dresses to show today. The first one is my blank canvas, literally! I used the coloring canvas from Ikea to make a size 18mo and doll dress. This one is a bigger size so baby girl could grow into it, that’s why it looks big on her! The whole family had so much fun coloring it in together. These two dresses will be great memories even after she outgrows them. The second dress I actually made her size which is a 12mo. Even then there is still plenty of room for layering which is perfect for the ever changing Spring temps. I also made the keyhole closure on this one however I didn’t unbutton it when putting it on and there were no problems getting it over her head! Spring is right around the corner (I hope anyways!) so I made this one extra special for spring with reverse appliqué and free motion embroidery! Again another dress to treasure! I truly enjoyed making these and see more to come!