Hide 'n Go Seek Hoodie by Fishsticks Designs

Apparently I've been living in the bland chicken nugget world.  Wasn't until I tired Fishsticks Patterns did I realize I was truly missing out on something special.

My first Fishsticks Pattern is the Hide 'n Go Seek Reversible Hoodie.  Holy Moly, I am IN LOVE! And so is my daughter, who is tremendously difficult to please.

Nitty gritty then we will go into details.

Sizes: 12 months to 14 years

Price: $9.75 Considering there are 11 sizes; that's only $0.88636363636364 per year. Can't afford not to buy it.

Fabrics:  Knit with woven pockets, back panel, and front plackets.  The woven fabrics make sewing the zipper super simple

Difficulty: low intermediate

The tutorial includes a finished measurement size chart.  For jackets, I like having the finished measurements rather than child size chart.  You can pick the jacket size depending on the ease you desire. The tutorial also includes a color photo for each step resulting in guess free sewing. There are also suggestions on which stitches to use to sew knit to knit and knit to wovens.

Sewing the hoodie is a breeze.  I rate the pattern low intermediate due to the zipper and sewing the sleeves together at the end.  These two things are not difficult but you should feel confident sewing clothes. The hoodie has a professional finish with no exposed seams.

Don't want it reversible?  No problem!  Use a regular separating zipper and you can omit the interior pockets for a simple lined jacket.  The hoodie would be awesome with fleece exterior and knit interior for extra warmth.

The Hide n Go Seek Hoodie is reversible. Meaning you have to cut double the amount of pieces.  It's a LOT of cutting, but so worth it.  What is more difficult than the cutting, is picking fabrics - it took me an entire evening!
When picking fabrics, I grabbed colors I know my 4 year old likes.  As I mentioned before, she's very difficult to please. She hasn't liked much of what I've sewn for her recently.  I was quite nervous about how it would turn out in the end.  Shockingly, the wild and crazy fabrics came together fabulously.  She was so excited to find it waiting for her in the morning.  I received a big hug and 'thank you' from her. 

Not quite sure about the Hide n Seek Hoodie?  Then check out all other Fishsticks Patterns.

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