Inspire Tights by Greenstyle Creations

Marnie and Lisa made up the Greenstyle Inspire Tights this week. If you're looking for workout gear, check out the review and see if this pattern might be for you!

A strange thing happens when you are in your late 30’s and you and most of your friends have finished having babies. Suddenly you start to notice more and more photos cropping up in your facebook feed of your friends running - fun runs, triathlons and even marathons. You overhear mums at school drop off and pick up talking about cross training sessions, how much weight they can bench press and if you want to catch up with someone, chances are that you’ll catch them doing the boxing class at the local gym on Thursday night. PIlates classes, yoga and even pole dancing classes become topics of conversation.  Don’t laugh…..mark my words, it will happen to you!!   So naturally I got excited when the Greenstyle Inspire Tights were released - no longer would I have to hand over $100 for a pair of gym tights, and suddenly I could justify that huge spandex stash I’ve been building and building from the Boo! Designs webstore.

The Greenstyle tights is the sewing pattern active women who sew have been waiting for and I love it. The pattern is packed full of options - 4 different lengths, angled insert options for the front and back, an optional back of the knee insert, an optional crotch gusset to make sure they are super comfortable, a hidden interior pocket so that you can keep your keys in a safe place and my favourite - the perfect waistband!!! It’s neither too high or too low, firm enough to hold a stubborn mummy tummy in, but not in a way that makes you feel like you are cutting off circulation somewhere because it is too tight. Basically perfect.

I sew with knits most of the time - a friend of mine who designs patterns the other week told me that I think in knits when it comes to sewing. And she is right. Learning to sew with swimwear and activewear fabrics has been an active pursuit of mine over the past 12 months and this pattern is full of good instructions and tips to ensure sewing success with fabrics that many sewers are a little scared of using. It is a well thought out and clearly explained pattern suitable for someone who is a little apprehensive about sewing with the slippery fabrics. The pattern pieces are easy to assemble and it is layered so you only have to print your size (yay).

The size range is great - from a waist/hip measurement of 24/32” through to 38/50”. I sewed an XS - I fell in between sizes and sized down as recommended by the pattern. I will mix my sizing for my next pair and cut the curve of the back crotch on the S to give me a little more room through the rear, but they fit great as they are now. I used some of my favourite spandex from the Boo! Designs webstore and cannot wait to get my hands on some supplex to make another pair.And ignore the expression on my face below. I was just about to get run over by a crazy 6 year old on a scooter.

So ladies, feel inspired! Stop sewing your daughter’s wardrobe and show yourself and your body a little love. Whip up a pair of tights and get active!! I promise you too will become a Greenstyle fan girl like me! Thanks for reading along,


And another set of gorgeous tights by Lisa

I made contrast cuffs at the bottom by cutting plain black tights in capri length, then cutting the contrast fabric piece along the lines between capri and cropped length, and joining them together.  Printed spandex used for the cuffs and tank is from Boo! Designs