Tech Pouch Pattern by Lorelei Jayne

Last week, when Sarah reviewed the Vivian bag, I told you we'd have a whole week of bag patterns. I guess I got my weeks mixed up, but THIS week is when we have the rest of our bag reviews for you! And next up is the Tech Pouch Pattern from Lorelei Jayne, reviewed by Kim. Let's see what she has to say about this fun must-have for all your tech items. 

Hi!  I am Kim at  This is my first post ever as a Pattern Revolution team member so wish me luck : ),  and here we go...

This is kinda the most simplest of "first ever" PR reviews because this little pouch is a pretty quick and easy sew.  Here is the quick run down-

The Tech Pouch pattern by Lorelei Jayne includes the options for 5 sizes: an iPad mini, E-reader, 10" tablet, and 14-15" laptop, and of course as shown above, a phone pouch. My very favorite part of this pattern is that it has 3 pattern pages to print and only two pattern pieces per size. I absolutely love that. I am always short on my very, very precious to me sewing time so quick sew patterns are a must! OK, can I say another great thing about this one? It's a scrap buster!!!!!
Scrap Busters + Quick Sews = sell this one at a craft fair, because it's cute and easy and inexpensive to make!!! That means fun with a bit of profit right?! : )

I made a netbook pouch by mistake because for some crazy reason I was not paying attention and cut the fabric on the wrong side of the pattern. Hmmm, well that was a problem for the intended iPad case but not so bad for my son who now has a pretty cool netbook case. A few tips for when you sew this one up. I had a hard time figuring out the lines of the pattern because I printed in black and white. Since there are only 3 pages of pattern pieces, I would suggest to print in color or trace your lines with a colored pencil. I promise doing this will save you a bit of time! Second, follow the directions. After you make your first you can make the rest in 10 maybe 15 minutes each. Really, they are that quick!
Oh, and one more tip.  If you have a toddler who loves your cell phone.  It’s best to take these types of pictures out of her reach : ), and maybe make sure to share those pics here!