Cordelia Peplum Sew Along Day 2

Here we are moving right along into Day 2 of our Cordelia Sew Along.  How did things go for you on Day 1?  At this point you should have assembled the pattern and cut your fabric.  Did you post pics of your cut fabric over in the My Little Plumcake fan page on Facebook?  If not, scoot on over there and show off your fabric selection in the SAL Day 1 photo album.  We want to see what you are working on and "oooh and ahhh" over it.

Also, please tell us what inspired you to choose those fabrics.  Are you planning an outfit for a special occasion?  Did you let your little one choose the fabrics? Maybe you are sewing a Cordelia to give as a gift or to sell in your shop. Whatever the case may be tell us a little about it...either in the comments below or in the Facebook My Little Plumcake Pattern Group.

So, Day 1 of the sew along was all about preparing to sew, but Day 2 we actually get down to the business of sewing!  Today you will complete the first ten steps of assembling the bodice. 

Step 1 can be a tad bit tricky for the beginner because instead of sewing a straight line, you are sewing two gentle curves that will create that divine sweetheart shape on the bodice.  Just take it slow while sewing this step.  Remember to press the seam well before moving on to topstitching the seam. A hot steamy iron does wonders for creating a crisp, beautiful seam that is easy to topstitch. Depending on how sharp of a pivot you made at the "V" in the center of that curving seam, you may need to clip the seam allowance so that it will lay flat. Just be careful so that you do not clip into the actual stitches. ;) 

You will stop at step 11 which is finishing the armholes. We will pick back up at that point on Day 3.  So now just sit back and admire your bodice that is beginning to take shape.  Oh and don't forget to snap a quick pic. Then go post your photo in the MLP group's Day 2 photo album.  That's all for today...we'll see you back here tomorrow when we sew the "peplum" part of the top. Remember if you have any questions you can always post on the My Little Plumcake fan page on Facebook to get help. Have fun sewing!