Oliver&S Field Trip Sew Along Day 5: Cargo Pockets and Pant Legs

Run into any problems yesterday with the start of the pants?  If so, just let me know and I'll help you all out!  My Best advice for today is to put on some great music and find your rhythm... there is a bunch of repetition - none of it is difficult as far as technique goes, but it is possibly stuff you haven't spent a ton of time working on before.  Find you happy place, turn on that iron, and lets get sewing!


Welcome back... Today we are going to learn how to do awesome cargo pockets - I want to add these to everything now! - well kinda, but it is going to be a fun day, so plug in that iron and get ready.

Making Darts:

  • Take your Knee section and transfer the dart markings to the WRONG side of the fabric.

    *I use a pin method to mark these, just push your pin through the dot on the pattern then draw a line with your marking tool to connect the outer dot to the main point.
  • Fold your fabric RIGHT sides together matching the side dots.

    Push a pin in from one side and make sure it matches the line on the other side (use 2-3 pins)

  • Sew your dart from the outside to the point (tie your thread tails in a knot)
  • Press your dart so it is a nice crisp triangle, and then press it down towards the double notch/bottom of the piece.

  • Repeat for the second Dart on your fist knee and then the two darts on the other knee.

Making the Front Leg:

  • Take your Knee section (the one with darts) and line the top of the pattern (one notch) up with the bottom of your Front Top Section (the one with the pocket). Make sure your fabric is Right Sides together.
  • Pin Together
  • Stitch using a 1/2 SA
  • Finish your raw edge
  • Press the Seam allowance down toward the bottom of the pants
  • Top stitch along the edge
  • Add a second line of stitching 1/4inch away from the seam.
  • Take your Bottom Front Section (marked with two notches at the top).  Line the Top of the bottom section with the Bottom of the Knee Section, RIGHT sides together.  

  • Pin Together
  • Stitch using a 1/2 SA
  • Finish your raw edge
  • Press the Seam allowance down toward the bottom of the pants
  • Top stitch along the edge
  • Add a second line of stitching 1/4inch away from the seam.
  • Repeat for the Second Leg Front.

You now have a complete leg front and a complete leg back.

Sewing the Outseam:

  • Lay out one front and one back Right sides together and match the side seam (the side seam/outseam is the straight edge of the pattern)
  • Pin Together
  • Stitch using a 1/2 SA
  • Finish your raw edge
  • Press the Seam allowance towards the back of the pants (the backs have the applied pockets)
  • Top stitch along the edge
  • Add a second line of stitching 1/4inch away from the seam.
Making the Cargo Pockets
  • Take Your Cargo Pocket Piece and Lay it out - make sure that you have transferred your markings form the pattern onto the fabric.
  • Turn the top edge to the WRONG side 1/2inch and press
  • Turn that edge to the RIGHT side 1inch and press
  • Stitch along the sides from the top of the pocket to the folded edge using a 1/2 seam allowance, make sure to back stitch at each end.
  • Turn the fold out to the right side and push out the corners using a chopstick or turning tool.
  • Press the top edge, the sides are being pulled in 1/2  - press these as well, and fold the bottom up a 1/2 inch and press.

  • Top stitch the top fold along the inner folded edge.
  • Fold the sides and bottom in ANOTHER 3/4 inch and press.
  • Open these folds
  • Take the Upper Right corner and fold it down to the bottom RIGHT sides together, creating a triangle with the bottom edges aligned.
  • Sew from the bottom edge up to the fold crease (this should match where your marking is)
  • Repeat on the Other side.
  • Clip off your corners so there is a 1/4inch SA remaining.
  • Push out your corners and you now have a 3D pocket.
  • Fold along the inside fold and top stitch  - start at the top edge and sew down to where the folded corners meet, plant your needle, lift your presser foot, turn your fabric(make sure you adjust your fabric), put your foot back down and sew along the bottom fold.  Plant and turn again at the corner to sew back up to the top.

  • REPEAT for your Second Pocket
Attaching the Pocket:
  • Make sure that you have transferred your markings for the cargo pocket to the pants leg.
  • Align the outer edges of your pocket with the markings and pin in place.
  • Stitch along the outer edges to secure your pocket to the leg - make sure you plant your needle and pivot at the corners! *You want to make sure that you are keeping the 3D-ness of the pocket, double over the excess fabric and fold it to the side while you sew.

Making your Flap:
*OK - I am deviating form  the pattern and teaching you something different here - I think it results in a more professional finish and flaps that don't flap up and instead lay nice and flat.  You can follow the pattern instructions or follow it my way - totally up to you, I can answer your questions either way! 
  • Take 2 of your 4 pocket flap pieces (or one outer and one lining if you cut them from two different fabrics like I did)
  • Place your pieces RIGHT sides together and stitch around the edges with a 1/2SA.  You will START slightly off center on your top edge.  Plat your needle and pivot at the corners.  Sew around and back to the top edge and STOP 1.5 inches from where you stated.  Back stitch at both ends.
  • Clip your corners so that you can get crisp corners when you turn it.
  • Turn your pocket flap right sides out through the opening you left.  Push out the corners with a chopstick or turning tool

  • Press well
  • Top Stitch Along the edges, and then Again 1/4 from the edge - this will give the same double stitch look you have on your other seams (I love continuity)
  • Repeat for the 2nd flap
Attaching your Flap:
*We are still deviating!!!
  • Match The Top edge of your flap just below the markings for the flap, make sure the Main fabric is UP and the lining fabric is down.
  • Pin in Place
  • Top stitch the flap to your Pants leg following the top line of the top stitching on your flap
    I love this little detail of the contrasting fabric under the flap!
  • Repeat for the 2nd Flap
OK - I know that this was a lot for one day, and that there are a ton of details in these pants - but it is so worth it in the end!!!  My Son wore his to the nursery the other day and my friend told me afterwards that she was searching his pants for a tag when she changed his diaper - then it hit her that I made them ;o)