Melissa's Reverse Applique Hoodie

The Charlie Hoodie makes a great "blank slate" to reverse applique on - I chose to leave off the pocket as the design was going to occupy the same space, but you could do both on the hoodie! I prefer to put the design on the front of the hoodie prior to sewing it makes it easier not to have to push the back/side out of the way as you are sewing, and if you goof up, you only have to ditch the front piece & start over, instead of scraping the whole project

First, pick an image. Less is more, as details will be lost (and hard to cut!). Notice that you don't have to be a good artist!




Next, trace the image onto fusible interfacing.


Iron the interfacing onto the back (wrong side) of the fabric that will be used in your applique.


Place the fabric against the WRONG side of the fabric that will be used for the sweatshirt front (so the RIGHT side of the applique piece will be next to the wrong side of the sweatshirt front).



Stitch along the line that you drew on the interfacing, be sure to backstitch.



Flip the sweatshirt over, and see the nice, neat design you've made.



Trim out the area inside of the line of stitching - being careful not to clip the fabric underneath or the stitching line.



Add details, if needed.



Finish the sweatshirt, following construction directions in the pattern! Tah-dah!



Knock the socks off a child in your life!