Kangacoo Flirty Summer Date Night Dress Sew a Long

I am so excited to hear that my friend Katie from Kangacoo Designs and The Fashion Business Mentor is thinking of trying her hand at PDF pattern design.  While she is getting her groove on and testing out the waters, I invited her here for a sew a long, so she can use all of my fans as guinea pigs. Wasn't that sweet of me? No worries though, you wont be forced to go through rigorous testing or be treated like a lab rat, in fact, Katie is rolling out the red carpet for you all and offering this Sew A Long free, no pattern to purchase, just keep up with us here each day on the blog! 


first page.jpg

How cute is that design? A flirty summer dress just for you mama! If you're anything like me, summer vacation is fun, but all the running around with kids can drag you down. You deserve a little something just for yourself, we all do, so follow along and then get a babysitter and head out on the town to show off your dress!

For those of you itching to get started, here is the supplies list. 


shopping list.jpg

We start Monday the 15th! See you back here then!