Fishsticks Designs Charlie Tee Sew-Along Day 5

It's the last day of the Charlie Tee Sew-Along! Are you ready to finish your tee? Let's get to it!

We left off right after sewing in the sleeves yesterday. Today, you'll start by flipping the front and back of your tee so that the right sides are facing. Pin along both sides and up under the arms. Carefully align all the hems and the underarm seams.

Sew or serge up each side and under the arms. If you're serging, leave your serger tails about 3" long on both ends. If you're sewing, be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching on both sides.

There are multiple ways to finish off your serging. I prefer to finish mine off by tying the threads together. Start by finding the two threads that run side-by-side through center of the loops. You'll see them running right down the middle in this picture.

Use the back side of your seam ripper to grab those threads a few loops up from the edge of the fabric and pull them loose.

Treating each set of two threads as one, tie a triple knot in the end snug against the fabric.

Cut the ends of the threads off about 1/8" from the edge of the fabric and stitching.

Turn your shirt right side out and jump for joy! You're all finished . . .

. . . unless you're sewing the ringer tee or the long-sleeve tee.

If you're sewing the ringer or long-sleeve tee, we have one quick step to finish up. Take the bands and fold them over matching up the short ends with right sides together. Pin and sew or serge across the short edges.

Follow the same method that we used to create the neckband on Day 3.

Pin the bands inside the end of each sleeve, lining up the seams.

Sew or serge all the way around each band, stretching slightly so that the band fits inside the sleeve. Flip your shirt right-side out, and go find the little boy or little girl you've been sewing for!

You just might get a reaction like this! Yay! Mom made me a cool new shirt with airplanes and helicopters!

This shirt is quite comfy.

And, it's really cute!

It's perfect for running and playing!

I should pick Mom a flower! (She doesn't need to know that it came off of one of her pretty potted plants.)

This ninja shirt is awesome, too!

It gives me ninja powers.

This brown and orange shirt is the best of all, though! It turns me into a robot!

I hope you enjoyed sewing with me this week! I would love to see your shirts! You can share them in our Facebook Sewing Group or in our Flickr Group. And, I really hope that you'll join us over at the Fishsticks Designs Blog for the Charlie Hoodie Sew-Along next week. Be sure to get your fabric washed and dried this weekend. (I'm working on two hoodies, one made from cotton french terry and one from cotton sweatshirt fleece.) If you still haven't purchased the pattern, today is the last day to get the discounted $5 price!