Create HOPE Sew Along Day 2

Color Block Tote Sew A Long - Day 2

This is a quick and easy project, so if you're a little behind, don't worry. You can easily catch up! Let's jump in at step 1 and get our prep work out of the way!

Step 1.2 gives instructions on adding trim such as ricrac. You can ignore that if you don't want trim. Or, if you'd like to add a ruffle like I am, here's what you'll do:

  • Press the ruffle pieces in half so that the crease goes down the center of each strip the long way.
  • Sew along the raw edges about 1/4" from the edge with a basting stitch. 
  • Gather each strip so it's the same width as your bag pieces (12" for the child's size and 16" for the adults size). 
  • Attach the ruffle to the top edge of the color block (the larger of the two exterior pieces) by sewing it on about 3/8" from the edge. 

I was lucky to have my new kitty Magic help me with this step! 
(She must not have gotten the memo that cats are supposed to be aloof because she is ALWAYS with me.)

Now that we've attached our trim, we can assemble the exterior and get ready to sew. Go ahead and finish all of step 1, and I'll meet you here tomorrow to work on step 2!