Create HOPE Sew Along Day 5

Color Block Tote Sew A Long - Day 5

Today we will finish our Color Block Totes! I cannot wait to see yours! Please feel free to post pictures on the Aivilo Charlotte Designs Facebook page. You can also win some wonderful prizes at Hopeful Threads if you post project photos to their September Project Album (more info is at the bottom of this post).

Let's get back to work! We just sewed the linings and exteriors, and now we are on step 3, where we will box out the bottoms so our bag will have depth. This is easy to do:

Stick your hand inside the exterior and push the bottom corners outward, making sure the seams line up (the seam from the side of the bag will touch the seam on the bottom of the bag). You'll see it forms a triangle. Then we'll measure 2" (or 3" if making the adult size) down from the tip of the triangle, on both sides. Draw a line across the fabric from one mark to the other. Repeat on the other bottom corner of the exterior, and both sides of the interior as well. Now we'll just sew across all four lines, and our bag will be flat on the bottom.

Now we'll move on and complete step 4 and finish the final assembly of the bag. 

You're all done! Wasn't that easy? I hope you had fun sewing your tote with me!

Magic is all ready for trick-or-treating! I hope the neighbors are all stocked up on catnip.

Now that you're all done, be sure to post pictures on the Hopeful Threads September Project Album for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! Details can be found here

I also wanted to offer you a discount in the Aivilo Charlotte Etsy Shop as a thank you for sewing along with me. Use the code SEWALONG to save 25% off  all purchases through the end of September.