Jocole Sew Along Schedule for the A Line Yoga Skirt

Our next sew along starts on Monday 2/11 - and we are sewing along to the Jocole A line Yoga Skirt.  This is such a fun pattern and is available in both Women's and Children's sizes.  We of course will be focusing on the women's as a part of our month long campaign for Self Care Sewing - but the sew along will work for both sizing options!  Also, if you do happen to decide to sew up the women's version, you can enter your finished skirts in the Link Up Party to win one of two 'Build Yourself Better Wardrobe Prizes'.

Ohhhhh - and there is a discount code for 25% off your WHOLE order with the code: PatternRevolution - how's that for motivation????

Sew Along Schedule:       Yoga A-Line Skirt

***Check out our Tutorial for making your Yoga A Line out of Woven fabric (the top left image)***

Jocole Coupon Code:      “PatternRevolution”  for 25% good for their ENTIRE cart, bundles included
                                                                Starts:   02/06/2014        12:01 am
                                                                Ends:     02/11/2014         11:59 pm

Friday February 7th      Buy Pattern & Buy Fabric

                                                                GIRLS (18m - 14)

                                                                LADIES (xs - xxxl)

1st Day:                Monday February 10th -- Preparation Day
                                                Print/Tape Pattern
                                                Cut Desired Size -- front/back & waistband         

2nd Day:              Tuesday February 11th
                                                Optional Chevron
                                                Steps 1 through 6 (side seams and hem)

3rd Day:               Wednesday February 12th
                                                Steps 7 through 12 (waistband construction, mark into quarters)
                                                                OR for elastic waist: skip steps 7-12 … do elastic steps 1 through 4

4th Day:               Thursday February 13th
                                                Steps 13 through 17 (pin waistband to skirt, sew, topstitch)                        
                                                                OR for elastic waist: skip steps 13-17 … do elastic steps 5 through 9