Terra's Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts Sew Along Day 3

Are you keeping up? In case you missed any, you can find our previous posts in this sew along HERE, HERE, and HERE

Today we are going to continue constructing the shorts and complete the steps found on pages 6 and 7 of the pattern. Please forgive my mismatched photos. I'm making 4 pair, started on one and forgot to take a photo of one step, so I subbed in a pic of another pair. First, we will clip the curved seam of the outer back panel so it will sit nicely around the curve of the inset panel. 

Next, pin the back panels together, pinning right sides together directly over the piping. (You might notice, my pinning picture is different than the one in the pattern, both ways work fine. Choose what works best for you!)

Next, you're going to sew that down using your zipper foot.

See how pretty! I bet ric rack would be adorable too!

Next, sew your front pieces together.

They are coming together! 

And our last step for the day, sewing the inseam.

They're starting to look like shorts! See you back here tomorrow! We're on the home stretch!