Seamingly Smitten Lesley Flutter Top for Women Sew Along Day 6

Welcome to day 6.  Is everyone hanging in there with me still? I know it's Saturday AND it's Mother's day weekend so I'll keep it short and sweet for you today.

First up are those that chose to use a contrasting band at the bottom of their flutter top.  You are going to attach those bands to the top part of your flutter top.  We will start with the front pieces.  You want to lay the top and the band together, right sides facing, and head over to the machine and stitch together using a 3/8" SA.  Next you want to finish those raw edges however you prefer or leave as is if you are using a knit and don't have to worry about fraying.  Head to the ironing board and give that seam a press up towards the top part of your flutter top.  Once you have pressed then you want to head back to the machine and give it a nice top-stitch about 1/8" above that seamline to help hold that seam in place that you just pressed up and to give a more professional look.  Repeat with the back pieces of your flutter top.  I did not do a contrasting band on mine, but here's a picture of another top I did that shows what your seam should look like once you have top-stitched it.

Now it's time for everyone to play! :)  Welcome back those that did not do the contrasting band.  it's time now to hem the armholes.  Remember that neckline we did yesterday?  Well we have to do the same to those armholes now.  Did the sailor come to visit you yesterday or were you able to keep him out?  I'll confess...I had a visit.  Stupid steam burns!  Well hopefully yesterday prepared you for today and you will sail right through it.  (haha, see what I did there?  Sailor..sail right through it?  Yeah, I know, I probably need another cup of coffee.)  So grab your top and head over to the ironing board.  Lay your top with wrong side facing up and turn the hem of one armhole under 1/4" and press well.  Then turn another 1/4" and press well.  Head over to the machine and top-stitch that seam into place.  Head back to the ironing board and press that seam so it's nice and flat and pretty.  **Remember, with stretchy fabrics you want to PRESS, not move the iron back and forth.  You don't want to stretch the fabric out.**  Repeat with the other armhole.

Just to be clear, this is the part you are hemming.  You are NOT going past where the buttons are.

Now flip your shirt inside out so that the right sides of the front and back are together.  Line up your side seams...just that smaller area from the bottom up to where the armhole begins.  Pin/clip both side seams in place and head to the machine and stitch with a 3/8" SA.  Finish those raw edges (or leave if you choose).

You are almost done for today.  Now it's time to try your shirt on.  How's the fit?  Would you like a more narrow fit?  Is the bottom going to fall where you want it once it is hemmed or do you need to take a little off?  If you need any adjustments now is the time to do those.  Once you have made alterations (if you needed them) and you are pleased with the fit guess what?  You are DONE for today!  See, I told you it would be nice and simple today.

As I said, I know it's the weekend and I know tomorrow is Mother's Day.  Tomorrow we finish up our top.  All that is left is to hem the bottom and stitch the sides to create the flutter sleeves.  It will be quick and easy.  If you have plans tomorrow and know you just aren't going to have time for sewing, that's okay.  Don't fret.  Monday is a catch up day.  (and now I'm thinking about the tomato joke from Pulp Fiction...catch-up baby tomato!)  Happy Mother's Day tomorrow in case I don't see you here :)

See you back here tomorrow to finish up.
On tap for tomorrow: hemming and creating flutter sleeves