Seamingly Smitten Lesley Flutter Top for Women Sew Along Day 7


Today is day 7 of our sew along and the day we finish up our flutter top.  Many of you may have plans with the family today to celebrate and that's a-okay.  Tomorrow is catch up day so if you can't or don't want to sew today no worries.  Enjoy the day.

If you are here to sew today then let's get started.  We ended yesterday with checking the fit on our top. You made any alterations needed and are all set to hem the bottom now.  Just like you did with the neckline and the armholes, you are going to turn towards the wrong side 1/4" and press well, turn under another 1/4" and press well, then stitch.  That's it for the hem.  Nice and simple.

The only thing left is those flutter sleeves.  Lay your shirt out on a flat surface so you can measure where to place your stitch lines to create the flutters.  From the bottom edge of your shirt you will measure up 14, 16, or 18" for petite, regular and tall respectively.  Mark that and then pin your shirt front and back pieces together.  Repeat on the other side.  Once you have both sides marked and pinned head to the machine and sew.  You are going to sew a straight line from just above your side seam all the way up to the mark you just made.  When you have both sides done try on your shirt again and decide if you want your flutter sleeves closed a little more.  If you do, head back to the machine and close them up a little more, just be sure to keep your measurements the same on both sides.  Once you are happy with the opening of your flutter sleeves you are all done!  Enjoy your new top.  Wasn't it super easy?

I admit, I will likely finish up my top tomorrow so really, don't feel bad if you don't finish today.  Enjoy Mother's Day with the family.

See you back here tomorrow on catch up day!