Seamingly Smitten Lesley Flutter Top for Women Sew Along Days 1-3

 Seamingly Smitten Lesley Flutter Top

Seamingly Smitten Lesley Flutter Top

Okay ladies, today is the official start date of our sew along of the Lesley Flutter Top for Women from Seamingly Smitten.  Are you ready?  Uh oh, are you breaking out into a cold sweat because you forgot and you don't have the pattern or fabric yet?  It's okay.  These first few days are actually set aside for you to get the pattern, your fabric and any notions you need.  So, if you don't have your pattern yet, head on over to the Seamingly Smitten shop on Etsy and pick it up, but don't forget your coupon code!  SEWALONG50 saves you 50% off EVERYTHING in your cart.  So if you've been eyeing other Seamingly Smitten patterns, this is a great chance to pick them up.  

Need fabric still?  Check out our sponsor Girl Charlee for a great selection of knits.  Don't forget to pre-wash your fabric as well so you are ready to get going on the 8th!

psst...and remember, stick with us 'til the end and share your creation over in the Pattern Revolution group and you just might win something.  I'll share those details when we meet back here on the 8th!

See you back here on Thursday, May 8th when we will get going on that top!