Sew Along with Oliver &S' Art Museum in Art Gallery

I really love sew alongs - I try to participate when I can, particularly if it is a pattern that I need that extra encouragement of a deadline to get done!  Like fancy dress clothes for Easter...

I love Oliver&S and I have taught quite a few sew alongs of their patterns now, and I have loved each and every one.  This is my third pair of O&S pants, and every pair is unique and filled with details that leave you with a professional finish.  Now these patterns do take a bit of time, but the end results are AWESOME and by breaking it down into a sew along, you end up sewing about 30-45 minutes per day, which takes the stress out of trying to find a block of time to get it all done at once.

This sew along is through Whimsical Fabric, and everything that Danielle does over there is so much fun.  Danielle sells the kits for the sew along that include all the fabrics and notions needed - so all you have to have is a sewing machine and thread!

This sew along for the Art Museum set will start on March 9th with plenty of time to get the outfits done for Easter.  And come on - how perfect are these for Easter - smart trousers with welt pockets, cool vests with welt pockets and adorable buttons, and a bow tie - ohhhhhhhhhhhh  a bow tie, swoon!!!!  Don't be scared of any of the details, they are really quite simple and you will leave with that sigh of satisfaction that YES - you did that!!!

You can grab a sew along kit for 10% off right now, and these kits are including some stellar Art Gallery Prints - don't get me started on Art Gallery, I'm not sure I have ever been more impressed with a fabric company, their quality, style, and selection are superb.

And Happy Birthday to my Monkeys - they are FOUR today - love these boys!!!!

Have a little girl - the next sew along is the Addison from Modkid - and is the sweetest thing ever, and there are coordinating kits for the dress....bunny fabric anyone!?!?!?  Hop on over and don't miss the great savings!