Sew in Tune: Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting

I was super stoked to be invited to participate in this year's Sew In Tune series with Melissa of Melly Sews (and Blank Slate Patterns) and Stacy of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy.  These two ladies are so inspirational to me in the world of boy's sewing, and with my love of music, I've always wanted to get involved.  You can check out both of Today's post HERE.

But then I hit a snag, I kept thinking through music I love and I just wasn't being inspired.  The songs that stood out to me led too much to costume -y creations, and I love a good costume, but I really try to sew wearable clothes for my kids most of the time.  But some day I am going to make amazing costumes based on the works of the Decemberists - love them.

Suddenly, I realized that I was going about this the wrong way, I was thinking about music that I like, rather than being inspired by my BOYS and the music that THEY love.  Suddenly everything fell into place and I knew exactly which song I wanted to be inspired by. Kung Foo Fighting!  My boys have been fighting since the womb, they love to wrestle, and ever since their introduction to Kung Foo Panda - they have loved showing off their 'moves'.  And by moves, I mean a combination of break dancing, jumping, kicking, and rolling on the floor.  Hahahah, it is quite hillarious - and they just think they are awesome!

Kung Foo-102.jpg

Once I picked my song, I needed the perfect fabric - I didn't want anything from the movie - I'm just not really into 'character' wear.  So I went hunting for fabric....and stumbled upon this awesome Ninja knit print from Riley Blake (and yes, I know that Ninjas and King Foo are different, but my kids don't know or care ;op).   With fabric in hand, they needed clothes that they could move in and do their 'moves'.   So I went with comfy Raglans using the Stitchwerx Lane Pattern.  

Asher has plenty of pants, but Beckett is always in need, and with his shape - he just can't wear store bought.  So, the Aviator Pant Pattern and some upcycled black denim to the rescue.  This denim didn't have any stretch so I did a full bum adjustment to account for that loss of ease.  He loves them and they are perfect for  killer moves.

My boys are so happy with their new song inspired clothes - and mama is happy to have been inspired by her boys!