Top Stitcher: Challenge Prompts

This was my favorite part of designing this season! I was determined to come up with some seriously unique prompts that would inspire these sewists to push their own creative limits, and to think about their craft in new ways. 

Upcyclist Prompt (Children's):  March Madness

This month we kick off a season known for flowers and chicks and fuzzy baby bunnies! But we can't forget the basketball extravaganza that IS March Madness. Which is why you'll design a look that honors both... a Springtime Outfit made with upcycled athletic apparel. 

Stylist Prompt (Children's): Art Gallery

Who is your favorite artist? What do you love most about their work? Their vibrant use of colors? Their use of repeating patterns and geometrics? Their soft flowy painting techniques? Their subject matter? Their mood?
Let their overall style, or a specific piece of work from their portfolio, inspire a modern-day head-to-toe ensemble. 

Stylist Prompt (Women's): "Shamrock"

This St Patrick's Day duel is inspired by the holiday's symbol: The Shamrock! Saint Patrick used these little green plants to preach the trinity, explaining how three separate entities can be one. 
In honor of the three (or FOUR) leaves of a Shamrock, create a women's fashion ensemble deriving inspiration from a famous trio or quartet. Think: musicians, movies, even politicians or culinary groupings. Get creative with it!

Enchanter Prompt: "Cinderella Styles"

This prompt is inspired by the March release of the new live action film, Cinderella. According to Wikipedia, "The word "Cinderella" has, by analogy, come to mean ... one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect." With this in mind, select a fabric type or garment that has long gone out of style, and incorporate it into a look so OTT that it will bring it back from obscurity!

Fabric Mixologist Prompt: "Fernweh"

Fernweh is a German word often described as being "homesick" for a place you have never been. Pick a place (in space or time) that you have never been, or long to explore again, and let it inspire your children's garment. Entry must include at least one fabric type unique to the location you choose. 

Hacker Prompt (Children's): "April Showers"

"April Showers bring May flowers" - but why wait a month for sunshine and blooming gardens to look fabulous?? Your child will be the most fashionable puddle-jumper there is when you hack two or more apparel* patterns to create a full rainy day ensemble. *non-outerwear patterns only - let's really challenge ourselves! 

Hacker Prompt (Women's): "Climate Change"

Every year you box up your warm-weather apparel and place it high in the closet to collect dust, while you reach instead for the extra bulk and layers of your winter wardrobe. You may have even done the same with your seasonal sewing patterns. Time to break those babies out and give your favorite summer patterns a winter makeover! 
Find the hidden potential in your favorite warm weather pattern(s), and hack it to survive the winter chill. The more season-specific the original pattern, the higher your marks! 

Pioneer Prompt: "In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb"

Like most women who sew for themselves, you may have spent the winter months dreaming of sundresses, light jackets, and crafting Spring/Summer attire to compliment your warm-weather shoe collection. UNLIKE the average sewist, your visions aren't limited by what can be made in quilter's cotton or jersey knit. Oh no. You take the seasonal saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" too seriously for that. Instead, you will be incorporating fur, wool, or leather (or their vegan cousins) into your women's-wear contest submission! 

So?? What do you think?? Are you inspired to sew along with us? Which prompt would you most like to try?

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