Top Stitcher: Sewing Specialties

"What's your sewing superpower??"

That's what I asked my fellow Pattern Revolution contributors one night, as I was (not so?) secretly crafting this contest. Their responses helped me shape these six different areas of sewing expertise:

  • Upcyclists: You see potential in previously sewn items that have since lost their luster. You snip, stitch, and miraculously transform old into new, unexpected, and fabulous designs. Your objective is to create a garment as dissimilar to it's original form as possible.

  • Stylists: Patterns are cool, fabrics are too, but to you, outfits are more than just a sum of their parts. When you see clothes, you see settings, accessories, and the emotion that tie it all together. Your objective is to utilize patterns, fabrics, model(s), props and settings to tell a story, as inspired by your prompt.

  • Enchanters: Jeans and a t-shirt?? Please. Where's the fun in an outfit without tulle, glitter, embellishments and a LOT of them? There are no limits to your extravagance and originality. Your objective is to assemble an OTT look that defies the societal norms of fashion, as inspired by couture, avant garde, or the stuff of dreams.

  • Mixologists: A garment made with boring fabrics is one not worth sewing at all. You crave variety, and find yourself attracted to prints - LOTS of them - and cram as many of them as possible into everything you sew. You have a PHD in mixing prints, and you do so with confidence. Your objective is to incorporate multiple colors, prints, textures, and trims to create a one of a kind outfit, as inspired by your prompt.

  • Hackers: You'd draft your own patterns, but what for?? Everything you need exists before you in patterns you already know and love. They're the bare bones you mix, match, and tweak to fulfill any sewing project you dream up. Your objective is to find the untapped potential in a pattern, and use it as your blank canvas to paint your masterpiece upon.

  • Pioneers: To you, sewing is a skill you never stop learning. New gadgets. New sewing techniques. New fabric types. These advanced sewing challenges inspire you, and you have the unique skillset to conquer them: a creative mind with incredible attention to detail, and the confidence and optimism to persevere. Your objective is to develop a new sewing technique or skill, as instructed in your prompt, and utilize it in your sewing project.

We've matched some seriously talented sewists sharing these superpowers to go head-to-head in this new sewing competition! Which of these superpowers do you have? Which superpowers should we add to the contest next season?

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