Women's Stylist: RESULTS ARE IN!

I'm so honored to have sewn against such an excellent challenger this week! Congratulations on your high marks, Jonie! I'm pass off my "commentator" hat to our fellow top stitchers:

"You girls are killing me. Both completely different styles and both amazing! Jonie, I am obsessed with that piping, and I agree- pettiskirts=thedevil. 
Becca, you rock bohemian so well. I love the cutout, that necklace rocks, and the skirt works great on you.
Well done to both of you and way to make us lose sleep trying to figure out who to vote for."

"Such fabulous interpretations of the challenge! I don't know anything about Mad Men but I do know that dress is phenomenal, Jonie!!!! Love the piping! And Becca, seriously- rock, paper, scissors- SO CLEVER! Sometimes the greatest challenge and achievements in these type of sewing contests is the growth we make as creative minds ourselves, not even the masterpieces we produce! Love your narrative."

"I don't even know where to start! These are both so fantastic in so many different ways! For Jonie's dress, I love the piping detail and I think she really captured the feel of a 50's housewife in the styling and the accessories - and the petticoat totally finishes the look, as painful as it was! I also love the fact that she really followed her theme by using a vintage fabric. For Becca's, I think her wild interpretation of the theme totally suits her wild personality! The origami bag, cutouts, and metal studs, really work together and help the idea to make sense. And the scissor necklace? Totally ripping off that idea!! I'm pretty sure these competitions are just getting harder and harder to judge - this talent is just amazing to watch!!"

My very favorite part of this competition is seeing just how different each contestant interprets their prompt! And the ways that they're similar: like fashion throwbacks to neighboring generations. What fun to read about! How would you have incorporated the Shamrock prompt? Comment below!

And of course, meet us back here on Tuesday for another great duel!