Enchanters: RESULTS ARE IN!

WOW-WEE! When I crafted this competition, this is exactly the kind of week I'd hoped for. I wanted to watch sewists of similar talent face-off, push their own limits, and create pieces that would distinguish their portfolios for some time to come.

Clearly, both these seamstresses did just that. You all came out in droves to support them, to offer them more than 700 votes, and a small novel's worth of comments.

SarahLynn spared no detail in creating her full-on prince charming look. Welt pockets, button-up, fully lined jacket, a top-notch TOP HAT for crying out loud! This was impressive work! I recognize and appreciate your dedication to this project, and the hours spent executing your vision.

Cassie's unique challenge was in CREATING detail. And she did not disappoint. Where she could have simply hemmed her romper, she chose instead to hand paint butterflies there. Where her pattern called for a basic sash, she saw the opportunity to add waves tucks (in contrasting fabrics, no less!).I'm so proud of your choice to work with very challenging fabrics, and how expertly you have done just that.

Rock on, ladies! I dub thee both "Fairy Godmothers"! 

"Wow, just wow! Both of those outfits are amazing! I have girls, so naturally I am drawn to the Princess dress. That being said, I was totally impressed by the awesome tux on the little man. And the hat, oh the hat!" - Melody

"So excited to see an over the top look for BOYS!! Both looks are amazing! I think these two need to be photographed together :) a tiny cinderella and prince charming!!" - Crystal

"These two together are so enchanting! They look like they stepped out of a fairytale! 
SarahLynn~I've made that button up shirt, and so can fully appreciate the amount of work you put forth. That hat...amazing!
Cassie~Your little girl's face tells the story! Her smile...precious! Everything about your look is over the top!
(I think I just used up my quota of exclamation marks, but really!!!!)" - Skirt Fixation

If you didn't get a chance to do so in the last post, please take a moment now to congratulate these contestants on their impressive entries, and their high marks!