Women's Hackers: RESULTS ARE IN!

This was such an incredibly fun week on Top Stitchers! Pattern-hacking is near and dear to my heart, and the overwhelming response we received this week suggests it's a crowd favorite category, too:

"WHOA! An Angie into a coat and a Tortola into a long-sleeve tunic???? Tutorials please :) Love the sequins and scooped back on Teronia's look." - Jody 

"Oh my WOW, both of these ladies did an amazing job with these hacks! I LOOOOOOVE the sequined top, Fwinter in the front, summer in the back! And the red coat is just lovely!" - Becky

Fellow Top Stitchers weighed in with their awe as well!

"Teronia I love how you extended the romper. The long sleeves and pants combined with the low back is just gorgeous!
Jeanine - I am totally blown away that you turned Angie into a coat! The details on your tunic are also stunning!
Amazing job, both of you!!" - Starly

"I love these looks. Teronia's look is jazzy and chic. It is definitely a mix of uptown and casual. 
Jeanine, that coat is gorgeous, but the shirt has my favorite details with those pin tucks and the front cutout." - Melissa

In case you missed it, get to know our lovely challengers here, and see their sew-down here.

Excellent job, ladies!! I'm so honored you chose to bring your talents to Top Stitcher! Tune in next week for another excellent hacker sew-down :) 

Don't forget about the sew-along! There are tons of awesome prompts to inspire your entry, whichever prompt you choose, and for whomever you choose to sew for! Check it out!