April Showers: RESULTS ARE IN!

The BATTLE OF THE JACKETS has come to an end! They were tricky-fabric jackets, detail-laden, and each hacking project came with their share of setbacks. Each of these sewists have earned my sincere admiration with their visions, and in the ways they triumphed over their projects! Our Top Stitchers were blown away, too:

Top Stitcher Cassie says...

WOWZERS!!! This was an epic week for sure! I love how both were able to really put their hacker skills to work and came up with some pretty un-recognizable end results that were nothing short of amazing.
Kari- Seriously stinkin CUTE! LOVE the raincoat, working with laminate is no joke! You did a phenomenal job of putting together so many different patterns to make a super cute, fun, springtime look that I know your daughter will wear all the time! That MM line was my favorite line, and I am so thankful you saved it for such a special occasion!
Amy- mad props for making an entire ensemble for a boy that makes me really wish I had a boy! HA. The coat is beyond, so much detail and great tweaks to make it top notch. The hoodie is great and those pants are phenomenal! Love the leather detailing, the piping, and all the cool color blocking. Great job!!!

And Season 2 Top Stitcher (announcements on that, soon!) Jenn says...

Wow! That coat with the pin tucks and I really love how princess seams worked really well for a boy here. I was pleasantly surprised to see my Sweet Pea Cap ears reinterpreted as fox ears!
Kari - such great coordination and I know from experience working with laminated cotton takes patience. I can't even imagine how painstaking it must have been to get the collar and ruffles to lay so smoothly.
Great job ladies!

Here's where I say STOP!!!! If you missed this epic sew-down, go check it out now!! The scores will still be here after you do :) 

Wooooooooooooow! As close as you think those scores are, you have to see them before they were rounded to fully appreciate the results of this race!

Isn't that NUTS? 0.05 points to call the race! Congratulations ladies, this was a thrilling week for sure! Your high marks are well deserved. :)

Tune back next week for the LAST sew-down in Season 1 of Top Stitcher! Now go take the weekend to wrap up your sew along entry! There are tons of awesome prompts to inspire your entry, whichever prompt you choose, and for whomever you choose to sew for! Check it out!