Ari Sews Along with KCW- Wild Things Jurassic Style

It's Kid's Clothes Week and we're sewing along, are you? Check out Ari's creative Jurassic Park Themed Kids Clothes Week Sew Along entry!

Sewing for Kids Clothes Week is something that I used to religiously partake in, however in the more recent seasons all my good intentions were often swept away due to some random in-real-life adventure that made sewing impossible. Not this time!  Unfamiliar with Kids Clothes Week? Originally starting over on the Elsie Marley blog, this sewing challenge brings sewing mamas all over the globe together to sew for at least one hour a day for seven days in creating something cute for their kids. Of course, for some of us it turns out to be more of a sewing festival and rather than just one hour we just sew as much as we can, which is fun!

There are optional themes you can sew along with, as well as giveaways you can enter as well. This week’s theme is Wild Things, and to kick it off I sewed up Vincent a dinosaur inspired outfit. I’m more than a little excited about the Jurassic World movie coming out, so I made a Jurassic Park stencil and used freezer paper to paint it onto the front of a Rowan Tee. It was pretty simple, but I really love it and so does Vinnie!

The leggings are Dressage Leggings, my new go-to leggings pattern for both the kids! I sewed them as instructed, but with the back leg seam I made a long row of spikes and sandwiched it between the inner leg and the main leg part. I thought it might be uncomfortable to sit on all those lumps but at least he could use them to play in, however when I asked him if they didn’t feel good to sit on he gave me a look like “what sort of question is that?”. He LOVES his new outfit and so do I! Not a terribly difficult sew, but a fun one! Are you sewing along? Have you started yet? What are you plans?

Our cat (conveniently named Jackasaurus Rex), was super interested in the photoshoot as usual, so I had to include this little blooper!