Carrie Sews Along with KCW- Wild Things- Feathers

We've made it to day 3 for Kids Clothes Week, are you still sewing along??  I have always wanted to participate, but life has never really cooperated for me to get in an outfit a day, BUT since I get to share the week with my other Pattern Revolution friends... I’m finally getting to play along!

While thinking of my Wild Things inspired outfit I had to keep in mind that my 7 year old diva is getting pretty opinionated about cute animals on her shirts or floppy ears on hats.  And while a fur vest is high on my list to get made, it's starting to finally act like spring/summer and I decided to go with something a little more wearable for her.  I read through some inspiration posts and the idea of printed feathered fabric seemed just what I was looking for.  But, of course, that seemed too simple, so I found this awesome tutorial on cutting out a feather shaped stamp and stamping my own fabric, SO cool right?!   Cool, yes ... but a huge Pinterest Fail!  

I shared my not so pretty fabric with some friends and the suggestion of adding a little flair with a fabric marker came up.  Problem solved!!  Just goes to show you, you can’t scrap a project too quickly when it doesn't turn out as expected.

I started this with the Greenstyle Lacey Tank for girls (keep reading for a little surprise).  I did stray from the pattern a bit and tapered the back arm holes in a little to make it more of a racerback, then color blocked the top with a lace section.  You should try it! #afflink

I told her the inspiration for our outfit was Wild Things, so as we went off on our photoshoot she explained to me that “wild things” meant she would be collecting cool wild items in her purse...and that is just what we did!!  We came home with a bag full of baby pinecones, cool leaves and a few flowers. 

Mixed in with a little ninja play, cause you never know when you’ll need to fight off the rabid squirrel that crossed our path... HAHA!  Never a dull moment!

Now, I did promise a surprise, so here you go... You can use code kids20 for 20% off the Lacey Tank from Greenstyle through our affiliate link  HERE. Coupon expires Friday the 24th at midnight CST.