In Like a Lion: RESULTS ARE IN!

It's here!! The results of our LAST sew-down in season one, it's HERE! Starly and Kara kicked booty this week, tackling projects that forced them out of their comfort zones, learning new skills and working with unfamiliar fabrics. 

Their prompt again was... 

Like most women who sew for themselves, you may have spent the winter months dreaming of sundresses, light jackets, and crafting Spring/Summer attire to compliment your warm-weather shoe collection. UNLIKE the average sewist, your visions aren't limited by what can be made in quilter's cotton or jersey knit. Oh no. You take the seasonal saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" too seriously for that. Instead, you will be incorporating fur, wool, or leather (or their vegan cousins) into your women's-wear contest submission! 

And our readers rated their submissions based on their Pioneer objective: to develop a new sewing technique or skill, as instructed in the prompt, and utilize it in this sewing project.

Top Stitcher Melissa was smitten with both looks: "Both of these looks rock! Wow, all those pieces are amazing Kara. Starly, I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone, and I love that pink "leather. You look great in colorful items."

I've told them both privately, and I'll say so again!  I'm so proud of each of them for embracing the "pioneer" mentality and venturing into un-sewn territory. BUT ENOUGH OF MY CHATTER, let's see those SCORES!

Congratulations to each of our FINAL season 1 challengers! You should be proud of these scores!

But before you go thinking the season is over, let me remind you of the contestants we're featuring next week... YOU ALL! Yup, next week is all about the sew along, and I hope you'll each enter your own sewing projects! Winner is chosen at random, AND receives a $100 gift card to AMAZON! Think of all the notions you could buy, or even... a machine upgrade???

Now go take the weekend to wrap up your sew along entry! There are tons of awesome prompts to inspire your entry. You can interpret them however you want, and sew them for whomever you want! Click here for more details, or enter your project below: