Design Your Own Princess Sew Along - DAY 2

Day 2 of our 'Design Your Own Princess Sew Along' is here! It's not too late to join in if you haven't already. Don't forget to join the Pattern Revolution's Facebook group page to share what you're creating and to ask any questions on construction.

Day 2:

  • Prep your fabric how you choose, wash/iron, etc.
  • Cut out all pattern pieces!

Princess #1 - Tinkerbell

Pattern: VFT Cosette     Created by: Serena

Step one for me today was to decide out how I wanted the bodice to look and for Tinkerbell I thought she needed something a little more whimsical so I cut out a slight curve to the bodice pattern piece. I also kept into account how much space was needed (including sewing allowance) for the arm straps.

The other modification was to add in the square skirt, check out the square skirt tutorial over at Make it & Love it.

Princess #2 - Elsa

Pattern: M4M Molly     Created by: Lisa

Today I'm cutting my pieces and explaining what modifications I made so far. For Elsa I wanted the bodice to be slightly longer than the pattern, and split into two parts. The top part of my bodice is white and the bottom half will be the blue sequin. Original pattern piece measurement for a 3t is 3" long. I wanted to extend mine by 3 inches for a total length of 6".

Measurements for the modified bodice:

  • Front top white: 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" (cut 2)
  • Front bottom blue sequins: 4 1/2" x 12 1/2" (cut 1 lining and 1 sequins fabric)
  • Back top white: 2 1/2" x 13" (cut 2)
  • back bottom blue sequins: 4 1/2" x 13" (cut 1 lining and 1 sequins fabric)
  • Sliver pieces for the trim on the front bodice.
  • Also since I added the 3" to the bodice length I subtracted this from my skirt length pieces.

Princess #3 - Anna

Pattern: Boo! Grace     Created by: Lisa

For the Anna Dress there weren't any cutting modifications. To simplify this tutorial I did decide to omit the scallops at the bottom of my initial drawing. I cut all the pattern pieces as directed with gold trim to add onto the inner top part of the straps and bodice front.

Princess #4 - Belle

Pattern: M4M Molly     Created by: Sarah

I cut all of my pieces from the same yellow fabric according to the pattern directions. Then, in addition to the pattern pieces, I cut the outer gathered over skirt piece. To figure out how big to cut the over skirt I took the length measurement for the skirt (whether it be the top, tunic or dress length) and multiplied that by 1.5. I cut the same width as the pattern calls for but the revised length. So for example, I made the size 10 tunic which calls for two pieces at 18.5" x 31.5". 18.5"*1.5=27.75". So I cut two pieces at 27.75" x 31.5".

After cutting I always like to iron my pieces really well. For the over skirt piece I also folded it into thirds and ironed those lines to use as a guide for my stitching later.

Princess #5 - Frozen Fever

Pattern: All 3!     Created by: Nicole

I’m using all 3 patterns to create this look. The bodice I am using the VFT Cosette {non pleated bodice} and the M4M Molly measurements adding in a sweetheart neckline. I’ll be using the flutters from the VFT Cosette and mashing up the back as well with Cosette and Molly. The skirt I’m using Boo Grace Princess I alter the measurements to go with my overall look.  My skirt tier were 14 x wof, 5 x wof, and 18.5 x wof for my tulle. I found free flower patterns online to add onto the dress.

I highly recommend you wash all your fabrics. I started out by cutting several different muslins of the Molly overlay bodice and cut out one Cosette bodice until I found the perfect ratio of my sweetheart neckline to my Cosette. You’ll see doing the muslin is important my first few were too short in width. The sweetheart neckline I though on the Molly would add more of the Ice Queen flair. You can choose any depth to the sweetheart you’d like I just did a fairly shallow one.  You can also play with lengthening the bodice pieces so they can be longer than the pattern calls for. By doing a muslin then holding it up you can really customize everything better so if you would like a longer bodice you will know how much to add to the pattern pieces, cut another muslin and compare which style you prefer best for your daughter.  This is one of my favorite parts of the design process customizing a dress to fit your daughter’s style, shape, size.