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Enchanter's Duel: "Cinderella"

This prompt is inspired by the March release of the new live action film, Cinderella. According to Wikipedia, "The word "Cinderella" has, by analogy, come to mean ... one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect." With this in mind, select a fabric type or garment that has long gone out of style, and incorporate it into a look so OTT that it will bring it back from obscurity!

This duel premiers March 24. Voting begins immediately and runs through Midnight the following Thursday. Winners announced Friday!

Hi, I am SarahLynn (aka Scary) I grew up in a small town in Idaho and currently live in Utah. I blog over at the Shaffer Sisters. I have been sewing since I was 6, my first completed garment was a pair of paperbag waisted shorts. From their I moved into jumpers and dresses. In my teenage years drawing knowledge from the sewing experts in my hometown with their guidance I was able to create my dream ballgown style prom dresses. My first fabric loves are satin, organza, lace and tulle. Even now I spend most of my time using more of the "everyday fabrics" if I go in the fabric store I can't help but take a walk in the clouds of couture fabrics. I find myself dream of the dresses I could make and the places I would wear them. 

I signed up for Top Stitchers because it has given me the perfect excuse to create something I have been dreaming up for a long time. 

I am most active on Shaffer Sisters; but fans can also find me on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.

I'm Cassie, originally from Michigan now residing on Oahu. I blog and sew for my shop, and I pattern design for Little Lizard King.

When do you sew?

I sew after my family is in bed usually, which means I am usually up working until the early hours of the morning. It's ok, I don't actually NEED sleep, right?

What does your sewing space look like?

I sew in our utility room. It has two counter spaces, I have an iron pad on top of our dryer and I store my fabric and patterns in a nice walk in closet. I usually have my laptop up with email, facebook, pinterest always open and Netflix streaming on my ipad. I use the dropbox app on my phone as well. Tech-overload!

Do you have guilty pleasures while sewing? (ie, "must have a vanilla latte in hand!", or "I'm hopelessly addicted to watching gilmore girls in the background!")

I usually always have Netflix on- currently indulging in all 10 seasons of Friends. I also end up with a pin in my mouth. Frequently, just before the final step of a project, I go to the kitchen for a snack. I don't know why I don't just finish it completely, but it's an odd quirk of mine. Maybe I have separation issues ;) PS. I want to see someone sew with a latte in their hand. They should win automatically for the ultimate in multitasking. (EDITORS NOTE: I ironed and drank my vanilla latte simultaneously this morning, can I get that multi-tasking trophy??) 

I signed up for Top Stitchers because... I get bored easily and thrive on stress and challenge. Plus, I'm like a teensy bit competitive.

I am most active on Facebook, but fans can also find me  on Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, and Etsy.

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