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Fabric Mixologist Duel: "Fernweh"

Fernweh is a German word often described as being "homesick" for a place you have never been. Pick a place (in space or time) that you have never been, or long to explore again, and let it inspire your children's garment. Entry must include at least one fabric type unique to the location you choose. 

This duel premiers March 31. Voting begins immediately and runs through Midnight the following Thursday. Winners announced Friday!


Meet Raeanna

  • How long have you been sewing?
  • 5 years!
  • How did you learn?
  • As a child, my grandma taught me but I have been self taught the past 5 years.
  • Who do you sew for?
  • My kiddos - 5 years and 3 years
  • When do you sew?
  • At night when they are in bed!
  • What does your sewing space look like?
  • It is the bonus room - 3 machines, fabric storage, and computer desk
  • Do you have guilty pleasures while sewing? 
  • Netflix for any casual sewing, Pandora when I need to get things done!!!
  • What is your sewing "super power"?
  • Able to gather ruffles with only a single thread
  • What sewing project are you most proud of, why?
  • Probably my son's 2 year old Easter outfit! It was a paper pattern from Children's Corner - Peter pan collared shirt with piping, Jon-jon with pleated panel and hand smocked! It took me 3 months to make!

I signed up for Top Stitchers because I love a challenge!!!

I am most active on Facebook, but fans can also find me on my blog and on instagram

Hi! I'm Jessica and I have a few different hats that I wear in the sewing and PDF world, but my home turf is at Snickerdoodle Stew. I love to sew for my kids and occasionally I sew for myself. When I'm not sewing and blogging for myself, I'm doing assisting at Izzy & Ivy Designs and doing work with the Pattern Revolution blog.

I have been sewing for about 4 years. I had learned how to sew by hand and embroider as a little girl, but I didn't really have much use for it (so I thought) until after my daughter was born. I learned mostly from PDF patterns and YouTube and it's been such a rewarding hobby to add to my arsenal. I adore mixing prints and adding fun trims and buttons. You just never know what I'll put together!!!

As a stay at home mom to 3 kids that don't nap *ahem*, I really find that my best time to sew is in the evenings, after they have gone to bed. I power up my laptop with a good Redbox flick or a TV show on Netflix, and I get to work! I'm getting better at spacing my projects out so I'm not pulling all-nighters, but it's hard to stop sewing when you know it's ALMOST done!

In my "other life" that doesn't involve sewing, I practice perfecting recipes for my kiddos with food allergies, in hopes that they will someday be foodies like their mama. I also dream of the day when my kids will sing along to old hymns and songs by Queen in 3 part harmony.

I signed up for Top Stitchers because I needed a good challenge that would make me think outside the box and get me thinking creatively. 

I am most active on Facebook, but y'all can also find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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