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Children's Hacker Duel: "April Showers"

"April Showers bring May flowers" - but why wait a month for sunshine and blooming gardens to look fabulous?? Your child will be the most fashionable puddle-jumper there is when you hack two or more apparel* patterns to create a full rainy day ensemble. *non-outerwear patterns only - let's really challenge ourselves! 

This duel premiers April 14. Voting begins immediately and runs through Midnight the following Thursday. Winners announced Friday!

Meet Amy!

Hi there! I'm Amy and I blog over at Friends Stitched Together with my best friend.  We're lucky enough to live 20 minutes away from each other in the middle of Washington State.

I've been sewing for fifteen years, but only in the past three or four years has it become a daily hobby. I made all my scrub tops when I worked in a hospital - mainly because I wanted them to match my socks! These days, I sew mostly for my two toddler boys. I love boy-sewing, especially when it turns out just like I hoped it would - I think this outfit has to be one of my favorites!

Required: "I signed up for Top Stitchers because: In case CraftingCon and the Mystery Challenge don't tip you off, I love a good challenge!"

Required: "I am most active in my Facebook group, but fans can also find me on InstagramBloglovin', and Pinterest."

Meet Kari!

Hi there! I'm Kari.  I live in North Carolina and blog about my sewing adventures at That's-Sew-Kari.  I started sewing 2.5 yrs ago and I was addicted at first stitch (yes, I am this corny IRL).  I sew mainly for my girls (4 & 6) and occasionally (read: rarely) sneak in something just for me.  I sew mainly at night when the girls are asleep, but occasionally I get in some daytime sewing.   I signed up for Top Stitchers because I'm looking to step up my game and a little competition always gets me thinking a bit further outside the box. I am a stickler for details and have been known to rip many a stitches if my project isn't turning out how I envisioned.  Since I've started on this crazy journey, I've developed a love for photography as well!