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Women's Hacker Duel: "Climate Change

Every year you box up your warm-weather apparel and place it high in the closet to collect dust, while you reach instead for the extra bulk and layers of your winter wardrobe. You may have even done the same with your seasonal sewing patterns. Time to break those babies out and give your favorite summer patterns a winter makeover! 
Find the hidden potential in your favorite warm weather pattern(s), and hack it to survive the winter chill. The more season-specific the original pattern, the higher your marks! 

This duel premiers April 7. Voting begins immediately and runs through Midnight the following Thursday. Winners announced Friday!

Hi, my name is Teronia, although everyone calls me Tara. I’m a Louisiana native, but currently reside in Tallahassee, FL. I sew on my blog and I own a small boutique Haute & Posh Designs where I make children’s clothing. I am falling in love with handmade for Mama so I have a  women’s line and boutique Sew Haute which is launching soon.

I’m a self-taught seamstress and started off using online tutorials then moved to PDF patterns. I have been sewing since my daughter’s first birthday so, about 3 ½ years My sewing space looks like a disaster area, no lie, but I sew after work so I almost never have time to organize it like I want. I love to sew for my daughter and kids of friends, but I do a lot of pattern testing for women’s so I sew quite a bit for myself.

I signed up for Top Stitchers because I felt that this would be a fun way to push myself and learn a few things. I love to challenge myself and meet incredible seamstresses in the process. 

I am most active on Instagram  but fans can also find me on my blogFacebook, and Etsy.

I am Jeanine Thomlinson, I'm from the frozen flatland of Canada, and I sew over at Scientific Seamstress/Sisboom Patterns.

I've been sewing since 2010 when I had my oldest daughter, I was in desperate need of a creative outlet with being a stay at home mom and my great grandma's sewing machine had just been given to me.I started sewing for my (oldest) daughter, but I soon found I prefer to sew for myself.

I signed up for Top Stitchers because I thought the challenge sounded fun.

I am most active in the Scientific Seamstress Lab group but fans can also find me on Instagram sharing more of the funny stuff and on the Scientific Seamstress blog.

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