Winter Accessories by Jalie

Winter Accessories by Jalie

Today Heather reviews the winter accessories from Jalie.  She made these out of a super soft animal print fleece allowing her daughter to be warm and stylish.  

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Stitchwerx Roly Poly Pants

Stitchwerx Roly Poly Pants

We love sharing great patterns for BOYS, and the new Roly Poly Pants from Stitchwerx designs fit the bill perfectly.  These fully lined pants feature front and back pockets and can be made from a variety of fabrics.  Check out Larissa's review for all the details:

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Maverick Shorts by Charming Ollie

I rarely do much with woven fabrics lately but knowing I had some awesome fabric to use for a boy, when I had the chance to sew up the Mavericks from Charming-Ollie I decided to go for it.  I love the little folded down pocket detail, and thought they’d make a great addition to our summer wardrobe.

The pictures throughout the instructions were very helpful, and I think a beginner would be able to follow along pretty well.  I found the instructions overall easy to follow, although there are a few areas that there could use a bit of clarification.

While there isn’t a size chart or measurements included, I made our normal store bought size and that seemed to work well using the suggested lengths for elastic.


I would like to have seen a better guide for the pocket placement also.  The pattern suggests  2” up from the bottom edge but since I was only doing a 12m size, 2” from the bottom put the top of the pocket almost at the waist edge so I had to adjust a bit.

Overall, I love the end result, they are such a cute style.  The Pirate Parrot Poplin by Verhees I got from Mabel Madison was just perfect for my little on the go explorer.


And a bigger version by Ari of Max California

Domi Sweats by Sofilantjes Patterns

Hey all!  Carrie here, and I’m back to share a brand new pattern from Sofilantjes... The Domi Sweat Pants.  I’ll be honest, I could look in my file of patterns and find lots of short/pants patterns to use with knits, but this one is definitely going to be a favorite!!  

First, any pattern that I can buy to use for my 1 year old boy and 7 year old girl at the same time, is a HUGE hit in my opinion!  Then, anything with pockets is a big hit with my kids (well the older one at least, the little guy will figure it out soon enough, haha!).  Plus with the different pocket variations and the 3 different length options, we could have 10 pairs that never look the same. 

I always appreciate patterns that let you select layers so you only have to print the size you need, or sizes.  It makes tracing or cutting out your pattern pieces so much easier.  There’s also a super helpful guide that lets you know what pieces you need to print if you only want to make the shorts, great paper saver! 

I chose to make the shorts with the square pockets for Reid but left out the drawstring since they aren’t supposed to be used for kids under 2.  

For Ry, I went with the capri length, which seems to mimic a style that I’ve seen in a lot of stores this summer and fall so she was thrilled with them!  (anything that appears store bought is a plus for her).  On hers I did modify the waist just a bit and went with a yoga waistband which wasn’t in the pattern but a very simple modification.  

We went with the round pockets on hers so the awesome teal stars could peek out on the sides. The directions were clear and easy to follow and this makes for a great pattern for beginners making their first knit bottoms to someone more advanced that can really make them pop with some fancier top stitching on the pockets. 

The fabrics I used also really makes them stand out.  On the shorts I used the Field of Crosses from Riki Prints Custom Fabrics and the solids were from Purple Seamstress.   On the capris, I went with a Galaxy print from MK Designs and teal stars from TKB Prints.

Thanks so much for letting me share such a versatile pattern!  Happy sewing!!

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