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Women's Stylist Duel: "Shamrock"

This St Patrick's Day duel is inspired by the holiday's symbol: The Shamrock! Saint Patrick used these little green plants to preach the trinity, explaining how three separate entities can be one. 
In honor of the three (or FOUR) leaves of a Shamrock, create a women's fashion ensemble deriving inspiration from a famous trio or quartet. Think: musicians, movies, even politicians or culinary groupings. Get creative with it!

This duel premiers March 17. Voting begins immediately and runs through Midnight the following Thursday. Winners announced Friday!

Hi I am Jonie Brooks, I blog over at and at SewingWith I am officially a stay-at-home mom to 2 kids, Miss G is 6.5 years old and Thomas is 4 years old. We are currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • How long have you been sewing? I got my first sewing machine in 2004, but I didn't start sewing seriously until my daughter was born in 2008.

  • How did you learn? I learned to sew from tutorials on the internet and trial and error. I have never been afraid to just try something.

  • Who do you sew for? I sew for my whole family, including my in-laws. I also sew a lot for my kids friends. Birthday presents are usually something handmade. Basically anyone that will let me sew for them.

  • When do you sew? The better question would be when don't I sew. I sew pretty much all the time. I always have a project (or 3 or 4) on my sewing table. I also do a lot of hand embroidery and crochet in the line to pick up my daughter from school.

  • What does your sewing space look like? I have taken over a corner of my kitchen and the kitchen pantry. Our house is tiny, but we had a huge section of our kitchen going unused so I slowly starting taking it over.

  • Do you have guilty pleasures while sewing? I listen to a ton of podcasts and I watch the rom-coms that no one in my house wants to watch.

  • What is your sewing "super power"? Probably upcycling, when I started sewing our budget was super tight so I used what I had on hand. I would almost rather upcycle something than starting with fabric off the bolt. I am also constantly seeing something hanging on a rack in a store and thinking what else I can turn it into.

  • What sewing project are you most proud of, why? Probably the Halloween costumes I made for my entire family for Halloween at Disney World, They took me almost 2 months to finish them all and we got so many compliments that night and even people stopping us to take pictures with my kids who were dressed as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

I signed up for Top Stitchers because: I wanted to challenge myself and stretch my sewing skills even more. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and sew women's clothes, which I tend to shy away from. I am ready to start my handmade wardrobe and Top Stitchers was just the jumpstart I needed.

Required: "I am most active on my blog  but fans can also find me on twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest.  

Hi there! I'm Becca! I live, love, sew, and blog from outside Richmond, VA. I'm mom to two little ones, and wife to one super fine hubs. 

I started sewing with a neighbor of mine when we were both girls, snatching scraps from our mom's sewing stashes and hand stitching little dresses for them. Sewing was always an interest from that point, but it wasn't a fixture in my life again until I was expecting my first child. 

I watched her frolic around for years in the finest toddler wardrobe around before deciding to share the love with my own rather pitiful closet. I absolutely adore the challenge of sewing women's apparel, and love making (and wearing) clothes that FIT!

I've recently begun embroidery and quilting too, and feel now more than ever that this sewing world will always provide new and exciting challenges to conquer!

Most nights you can find me, wine in hand, tucked in my sewing corner of the living area, and hollering at my husband to repeat lines of dialogue from "Boardwalk Empire" that I missed over the chug-a-lug of my serger. 

I signed up for Top Stitchers because I am addicted to the thrill of a good competition, and seize every chance to grow my sewing skills!

I'm most active on instagram, but you can also find me on my new blog, Free Notion.

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