Tutorial: Layering Love - Adding an Overlay to a Circle Skirt

circle skirt tutorial.jpg

So, as we established yesterday, Valentines day may not be my favorite holiday; but, that doesn't mean I don't want my baby girl to have something special for the day ;o)  It does mean though, that I want that item to be able to worn for more than JUST V-day.  And while I want it to be adorable, I also want it to be a fairly easy sew.

I settled on a skirt, skirts are easy, skirts don't eat up fabric, and skirts can be worn throughout the seasons depending on what they are paired with.  So then I hunted and hunted for the perfect skirt.  See, I do this thing sometimes where I buy a fabric knowing what I want to make with it, but not owning a pattern that fits that description - oooops!  And thus the ever growing stash of PDF Patterns.  I picked up this stretch power mesh with a heart burn out knowing it would be used in baby girl's Valentine's outfit.

In my mind I knew I wanted a circle skirt, I wanted multiple layers, and I wanted a flat front. waistband.  I considered drafting my own from scratch, but why go through all the hard work when others have done it for you!  My eyes lit up when I first saw E&M's Twirly Skirt.  Circle Skirt: Check, Flat Front waist band: Check, Multiple layers: welllllll errrrrrrm not quite - but that is an easy fix.

We'll have a detailed review of the E&M Twirly Skirt coming in March, but I just couldn't wait to sew this up!

valentines skirt-1007a.jpg

Here is how you can add an overlay to your favorite circle skirt:

  • Cut your skirt piece in your main fabric
  • Cut the skirt piece a second time in your overlay fabric. (*I chose to make my overlay about 1 inch shorter, but you can make them the same length)
  • Cut your waist band pieces
  • Baste your Overlay on top of your Main Fabric (both with right sides up)

  • Construct the skirt as written!

Yep, that is it!  And the best thing about using a Stretch Power Mesh is that it wont fray so you don't have to finish the hem of your overlay - talk about quick and easy.

valentines skirt-1008a.jpg

What are your favorite things to sew up for the holidays???