The Essential Sewing Reference Tool by Carla Crim

I am so excited to share my review of the new book Carla of Scientific Seamstress just released.  It is called the Essential Sewing Reference Tool, and whether you are just starting out in the sewing world or have been sewing since the womb, this is a book that should be in your library.

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I just love the extent of the content in this book!  Forget Google, get this book!!!!

There were so many areas in this Reference Guide that I could have chosen to talk to you about today - hello, sizing charts for ALL ages!!!  But as I read through, I really connected with the section on hems.  I love a variety of hems for all different occasions.  I love matching the right type of hem to the garment, or choosing a hem technique as a way to add an extra detail or POP to what I am making.

This book clearly breaks down the different types of hems and how to achieve them with concise instructions and clear images. Ranging from a simple turned hem to a hand stitched blind hem, there is something for everyone to learn or gain a better understanding of.

I'm going to share an extra little tip for you today about how I do my rolled hems.  Rolled hems of course can be done with a special foot on your sewing machine (which I don't own) or with a special setting on your serger (yeah, mine doesn't work).  So, I do my rolled hems the classic old fashioned way - and here is my tip!

SERGE FIRST (or do a small zig zag stitch along the edge)

essential sewing-1001.jpg

This extra step gives you something to evenly roll against.  This also ensures that when you wash your garments the rolled hems wont have any chance of fraying!

essential sewing-1002.jpg
essential sewing-1003.jpg
Voila, gorgeous rolled hem for all the ruffles in your future!

Voila, gorgeous rolled hem for all the ruffles in your future!


Now while this book does not include any PDF Patterns, it includes a whole section of tutorials with clear measurement charts for making duvet covers, pillows, dust ruffles, and curtains.  There is also an entire section for learning how to alter patterns to get a perfect fit.  If you are looking to learn more about sewing, to get better acquainted to your tools and materials, or to brush up on your techniques  - GET THIS BOOK!  

Thank you Carla for letting me be a part of your Book Tour!  

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