Ladies Carrollton Avenue Dress: Who Wore It Best - A 'Sew Off' Style Review

Ok, I will admit it, I love reading cheap magazines.  Not the ones that tell you aliens are living among us or a woman gave birth to a half cow half boy, but the cheap magazines that tell what celebrity had a fashion faux pas on the red carpet and how much the toilet paper in their Hollywood Mansion cost.  My favorite articles to study are the 'Who Wore It Best' photo comparisons.  First of all, with the amount of clothing out there in the world, it amazes me that multiple famous people are not only wearing the same thing, but getting photographed in it - but then again, they get photographed in everything they wear - and I am so thankful that isn't me!!!

But why oh why do I enjoy these articles so much?  Well for starters, the person who 'wore it best' often isn't the skinniest or the most well known.  Styling plays a huge factor in making that garment ROCK.  I also can clearly see how the same garment flatters different shapes and sizes.  It gives me insights into fashion trends I might want to try out or avoid.  And my favorite ones are the times I wouldn't be able to pick a winner - when I think they all look amazing in their creations and it is just a matter of preference for 'Who Wore it Best'.

That just happens to be the case with this group of four gorgeous ladies - they all have different sizes and shapes; but they all took the Ladies Carrollton Avenue Dress by Seamingly Smitten and are showing off that they ALL wore it best!  Check out Kara, Crystal, Jessica, and Trisha as they share their variation and their reviews of the pattern in general.



The thing I like about this dress is that it can be done in so many different ways. I chose to do a dressier version.


I used a stretch lace over an interlock, and then I added some lace ruffles to the bodice and made the belt out of the stretch lace as well.  The belt buckle is one you can get at Joanns that is made by Dritz.  I simply made a loop of fabric and threaded it through the buckle and sewed the short ends of the loop together.   The belt is completely removable, so I can wear it with or without the belt.


I also added a small pettiskirt underneath.  I used a shortened pattern of the skirt, added an elastic waistband, and sewed some gathered netting along the bottom.  This helped give it a bit of volume on the bottom.

Now, about the pattern.  I did make a few changes to get it to fit me better.  The pattern uses the same pattern piece for the front and the back, but after making a muslin to make sure it fit, I found that having the same front and back made it want to fall off my shoulders.  To stop that I made the back piece a bit higher when I cut it out.  I decided to also add a neckband instead of folding the neck over twice and stitching down.  I like my necks to completely cover my bra straps and realized that if I folded the neck over it would be too big.  Adding the neckband helped solve that.

The pattern comes with the bodice pieces, with the option of a petite, regular and tall option.  I originally did the tall but then realized when I sewed the skirt on that it pulled it down too far and it would be much more flattering if I had it higher up.  I cut the skirt off and shortened my bodice to be the regular length.  Then there is the cap sleeve pattern piece.  You can do it sleeveless, or add a petite, regular or tall cap sleeve.  I did the regular version.  There are instructions for how to draw up the pattern piece for the skirt, with lengths given, once again, for a petite, regular and tall version.  I ended up adding some length because I am tall and wanted this to hit me at the bottom of my knee.

It was a very fast sew, even with all the changes I made.  It was one of those that putting the pattern together and cutting everything out took longer than the sewing did.  I recommend trying a muslin first (I used a knit bedsheet I got on clearance several years ago) to make sure you get the fit right for you.  Everyone is shaped differently, and you may need to make a few tweaks to get it to fit you right.  I want to make another one in a thinner knit to make it more of a casual version next.


Review of The Carrolton Avenue Dress for Women

review by kara orr

This month of self care sewing has inspired so many women to start sewing for themselves, and I'm no exception.  I have made myself more clothes this month than I have made in my whole life.  The creativity and patterns that have come out of self care sewing have been so exciting and interesting to see.  I love all of the wonderful creations and variations of clothing.  

Today, I'm reviewing The Carrolton Avenue Dress for Women by Seamingly Smitten.  There is a ladies and a matching girls pattern.  I think this would be so cute as a matching/coordinating mommy/daughter dress.

A few of the ladies of Pattern Revolution were challenged to make a version of this dress all their own, so I decided to make a maxi dress that is my signature look.  I love a maxi dress and live in tank tops during the summer, this dress combines both of them for me!

The Carrollton Avenue Dress has a size range of 0-26 (XS-XXXL) and several built-in options in the pattern to make it all your own.  As you will see from all of the variations from the team, this dress is highly versatile.  The size chart is included, be sure to measure carefully and possibly go a size down.  I used my waist measurement only and I ended up making a bigger size than I should have, be sure to take all measurements into account.

I love that this dress can be layered to totally change the look.  I have added a jean jacket and wide belt for a very casual look.  This is a great look for everyday wear.

There is no skirt pattern in this pdf, just skirt measurements.  I adapted the measurement length to my height to be a maxi.  

I added a sweater and skinny belt for a dressier look.  I would feel comfortable wearing this look to church or to a casual dinner party.

The instructions given call for a short circle skirt.  I didn't want my skirt to be too full, so I did a straight skirt that wasn't as full as the circle skirt.  

I made the tank version but there is also a pattern piece for cap sleeves. The empire waist was the best fit for my personal style and body type, but choose the right length to fit your body.

My knit fabric was purchased from Girl Charlee and I love it!  Fabric choice can make the dress more casual or dressy, depending on the look you are going for.  The feathers are fabulous!

Happy sewing!!!!


Hi there! It’s Crystal from Stitched by Crystal.  I am so excited to share my version of theCarrollton Avenue Dress by Seamingly Smitten with you!
Knit dresses are a staple in my wardrobe and I love that this can be a dress for any occasion!  I dressed mine up with a belt and heels and it would be perfect for date night.  Throw on a cardigan and it could be worn to the office.  Change to flats and it is perfect for lunch with friends.  Or ditch the belt and add some flip flops and it could be a cover for the beach or pool!

When I was asked to play with the pattern a bit and make it my own style, I decided to do stripes because I love to play with stripes when I sew garments.   I added a seam in the front and back of the bodice and put the skirt seams at the front and back instead of the sides so I could create this chevron look.  I like that the chevron creates a bit of a slimming optical illusion :) Also, instead of hemming the neck and arm holes like in the pattern, I decided to do neck and arm bands.
The pattern is a quick sew and the instructions were easy to follow.  The pattern has sizes XS-XXXL, I sewed a S based on my measurements and the fit it great.  It also has options for petite and tall bodice lengths.
There are only 6 pages to print for the bodice and optional sleeves and then the pattern has instructions for cutting the half circle skirt from your fabric.  I would have preferred a pattern piece for the skirt too and decided to make one out of freezer paper before cutting my fabric.  I also had a bit of difficulty lining up my pattern pieces.  The pattern goes all the way to the edge of the paper and the pages do not overlap, that is great for paper saving, but my printer won't print all the way to the edge of the paper so I ended up having to guess on my cutting lines in a couple spots.
All in all, I love the dress.  I already have plans to make a second, also with stripes...and then maybe even a can never have too many knit dresses!
Hi! Jessica from Snickerdoodle Stew here! I don't do much sewing for myself. It seems my kids get the pleasure of wearing all of my creations. But I had vowed to do some self-care sewing in February and I never got around to it, so when the opportunity came up to do do a sew-off with the Carrollton Avenue Dress from Seamingly Smitten, I thought I'd jump in and give it a try.


 I ordered knit from one of my favorite shops and planned out my dress. I knew I wanted the cap sleeves that are included in the pattern as we're not quite ready for summer here in Indiana. I also knew I had seen these dresses popping up everywhere and wanted to have something fun that I could wear to a playdate or the grocery store. I also really wanted it to be comfortable and not fussy!


 I love that this dress has a few options for petite and tall shapes and that the size range is from XS-XXXL. It's important to me to have a pattern that has an upper end but that I can always sew a smaller size and I shrink my fabulous post-baby body. There are only 6 pages to print, even for the largest size, so this is definitely not a paper and ink hog. There is no pattern piece for the two 1/4 circle pieces that you use to make the circle skirt, but the measurements are there and it was pretty easy to do and it matched up well with the bodice when all was said and done. I did add a few things to this pattern. I added a trim band to the neckline because I felt a I needed a little more coverage where that was concerned. I also added another band to the hem of the skirt. Mostly because I don't have a serger and I didn't feel like doing a real hem on the skirt. But in reality, doing the hem band was probably just as much work in the end, if not more. After I made it as the pattern was written, I discovered that my seam hit me right in the widest part of my belly and it was just not very flattering to my figure. I took it apart and hacked off another 1 1/2" or so and I'm really happy with where the seam sits now. So really, when the pattern says to try on the bodice before you add the skirt, DO EEET!!! and then spend some time playing with where you want the skirt before you sew that bad girl on.


Overall, I really like this pattern and I think it has a lot of potential for different looks. The only things I would have changed about it would be to have the bodice curve a little more and to have the front and back have different pieces to avoid excess fabric near the shoulders. That said, I will definitely be looking into how I can fit more of these into my wardrobe this summer! I'm looking forward to seeing where more self-care sewing takes me!


One more side by side of these awesome ladies - thank you all for being involved, and thank you Jenny of Seamingly Smitten for allowing our girls to review the pattern.

If YOU are interested in having a 'Sew Off' Style review done of one of your patterns - make sure to contact us!