Halloween: Super Hero!!!

I have to admit that this is one of my favorite costumes I have ever made - SuperBex to the rescue.  My son decided pretty last minute last year what he wanted to be, but he also designed the costume himself and is still wearing it a year later!!!!!  As a mom, I love the fact that we can take our children's whims and fancies and bring them to life.

This costume is easy to make with patterns you probably already have in your arsenal.

Leggings: Jocole Leggings

Underwear: Jalie Underwear for Men Women and Children

Shirt: Made for Mermaids Rose Ruffle Shirt (this was my 'everything' shirt last year, and I loved that it gave me a very fitted look on my chunka/hunka little man)

For the front of the Shirt, I simply drew an emblem and Appliqued it onto the shirt.  On top of that I added the 'B' for SuperBex - you can customize this to any emblem or letter that will fit your child's name and style.


I also made boot covers..... they look cool, but really they were just a trial and error creation in the last 30 minutes before Trick or Treat started!!!


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