Mother's Day Gift to You! Doily Upclycle (or not) Banner/ Valance

Last summer I was at a local flea market and I happened upon a middle aged woman who was selling off a bunch of her aunt's belongings because the aunt was getting ready to move into a nursing home. I almost tripped over a box that was filled to the brim with the most gorgeous handmade lace doilies, napkins, table runners, etc. We're talking about hundreds and hundreds of hours of this woman's life spent making this stuff...and most pieces were priced at 25 cents a piece. I'm either sentimental or a hoarder, but could not even fathom being able to part with something like that, and I was suddenly gripped with fear over what might happen to them if I didn't buy them, because the woman clearly could not care less about them. So, I bought the whole box, of course. So far, I've only used this piece, but thanks to Shae's tutorial today, I've got a whole new plan for them!  Just in time to whip up a Mother's Day or teacher appreciation gift, here's Shae with a fun idea for saving old doilies (new ones work too!).

Hi everyone!  Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day?  I mean, where has the year gone? Today I am bringing you another fun tutorial that utilizes more scrap fabric and doilies.  You can see my other tutorial here

For this project, I used store bought doilies in a variety of sizes, however, this would be an amazing gift for your mom if you are able to use some of your mother’s or grandmother’s old doilies.  It is a great way to get them out of the storage boxes and actually put them on display.  For the fabric, you can even use some fabric from an old shirt, or quilt that has sentimental value.  I just used scrap for the sake of the tutorial.  

As I am typing this up, I am realizing that this would be awesome using a bunch of old hankies in place of the doilies.  When my grandmother passed, I got a bunch of old hankies that she used to keep in her dresser.  I may just have to make another one.  Darn!  Whatever you end up using, whether it is a vintage sentimental piece, or all new, store bought pieces like mine, you will have a beautiful piece in the end!!


● A variety of doilies in different sizes.  I think my largest one was a 24” diameter.  The size will sort of depend on what you have and the size of space you want it to fit.

● Fabric scraps.  These need to be a little bigger than the doilies.  This is also a great project for fat quarters.  

● 1 package of double fold bias tape, or a long length of cluny lace.  Depends on the look you are going for.

● wonder clips or pins

● scissors

● sewing machine (duh)

Step 1: Take your doilies and cut them in half.  If it’s not perfectly straight, it’s totally ok since it will all be covered up.

Step 2: Decide what doilies you want fabric behind and cut half circles that are a little larger.  Again, this doesn't need to be totally perfect.  I do not finish the edges.  Instead I just use a little Fray Check.  If you really wanted to, You could do a rolled hem on them. 

Step 3: After you have it all cut, you can start laying it out.  Mine happens to go on my fireplace mantle, so wanted to make sure my layout would fit it.  Your layout may be different based on the size of doily and the space you plan on putting it in.  This would look super cute on a headboard or as a window valance.  

Step 4: Time to break out those pins or wonder clips!!!  Pin or clip the snot out this since there are a bunch of different layers.  After you have it ready, go run a basting stitch or two to hold it all together.

Step 5: Take your bias tape and sandwich your doilies/fabric between it.  Again, the length is totally subjective.  You can also use a long piece of cluny lace instead.  Rather than sandwich it, just place it on top and top stitch it along the top and bottom of the lace.  I did not take a photo of this step, but it is pretty easy to figure out.

Voila!  Pick some pretty tissue paper and gift bag and you now have a lovely, sentimental gift for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Here is one I did for my Christmas mantle.  I used burlap behind the doilies and I used the cluny lace to hold it all together.  Next up will be one for every holiday!! 

Happy Mother's Day!

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