Swim Week: Beachy Keen Two Piece, Two Ways.

Today we are showing off the super adorable Two Piece swim pattern, 'Beachy Keen', by E-Beth Designs.  This pattern has a variety of options including Tankini, BIkini, plain shorts, and skirted shorts.  The top can have a ruffle or fringe detail, but you can also go with a simple top with no accent.

The pattern comes in size 6m-14.

Nicole made the tankini with fringe and the skirted shorts - so cute!!!

*Although you can't see the 'shorts' on this suit, Nicole said that she did make the leg opening a bit more fitted for her daughter's slim legs.  This is an easy alteration to make and a great thing about making your own suit.*


I made the Tankini with shorts and a basic top.  I found the construction easy to follow, and I love how little fabric a swimsuit takes!!!  I decided to embroider a mermaid on the front of this suit to amp up the plain purple.  I LOVE it, so sweet. 

For me, the rear coverage and leg openings are PERFECT!!!  My girl has muscular legs and quite a booty, I love that these shorts gave her full coverage in the rear while not cutting off the circulation of her legs.

One of the things I like about this suit is the halter strap - it is a connected strap rather than a tie - this gives me as a mama a bit more confidence that we wont be having any wardrobe malfunctions at the pool.

I think when I make another of these suits, I will add an inch or two to the length of the top.  Mack has a serious tummy (increased by taking pictures immediately after a large pancake breakfast ;op)  She also carries most of her length in her torso, so this suit has just a bit of belly poking through, she's still a cutie though ;o) 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the two different versions of this cute suit.  How is your swim sewing coming???