The Every Which Way Dress from Duchess and Hare:

My daughter has a pig plushie/blanket as her lovie. She has been attached to it for about two years, but starting a year and a half ago her “piggy woo” started accompanying us EVERYWHERE! So, when I saw the pig hand embroidery design from Duchess and Hare I knew it would make the perfect embellishment on a dress for my daughter. This was my first time sewing a hand embroidery design and I’m hooked! Duchess and Hare offers four animal designs as part of their Every Which Way Button Panel Add On and I plan on using all of them on clothes for my daughter. For this dress I used the small Pig design and I stitched the pig using a backstitch and I used a daisy stitch and french knot to create the flowers along the pigs neck.

These embroidery designs pair beautifully with the Every Which Way pattern because it has so many options, two necklines, nine sleeves, four skirts, altogether this pattern creates 100 different combinations! For this dress I used the short bodice, basic skirt length with added lace and set in sleeves. These embroidery designs can be sewn beautifully on the bodice, skirt or evan a pocket. I think my next project will be an embroidered rabbit on a pocket, just in time for spring.