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I spent a few years living in Japan, and I often find the simplicity and beauty of many parts of the country, people and culture still resonates strongly with me. I love the stylish elegance of the sweep of a kimono sleeve; the grace of the tiny manicured bonsai; the cheerful yet respectful smiles of the people and the charm of the language. Many years ago, my Japanese friends would have expressed surprise and delight at my fluency in their language. They would have exclaimed that I was “pera pera”, an honour bestowed upon foreign people who had somewhat mastered their ancient language. It was always fun to speak Japanese with a Japanese person, as they were always respectfully amazed that you had taken the time and effort to learn their language. Unfortunately, all I have left of these language skills after the passing of over 15 years is a handful of stunningly simple words that uniquely express a certain situation, feeling or occurrence. These words are innately difficult to translate into another language. One of my favourites {translated as best I can} is natsukashii - a feeling of sentimentality, homesickness or longing for something past. The other is the inspiration for this wrap jacket...

Komorebi: the delicate and changing pattern of light that filters through the leaves of trees.

Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Yet, we need so many words in English to express the same.

If you are familiar with Rabbit Rabbit Creation’s patterns, you would know that my style tends toward the simplistic and graceful. I love the elegance of clean lines. The beauty found in the simple fall of a dress, and the grace of basic shapes. For this challenge, I took my inspiration from the changing seasons, and the light play, to try and capture a little komorebi in one of my designs. I have also longed to create a kimono inspired design, but had sketched and scrapped many ideas. After playing around with basic pattern shapes for my Windswept Maxi pattern, and loving the results, I started playing with other shapes, circles in particular.... and, finally, the Komorebi came out of the haze.

Kimonoesque in its styling, the Komorebi is a deceptively simple design, minimalistic in the use of time and materials, and exceptionally versatile in its function. The drape of the front of the jacket is reminiscent of falling leaves, whilst the line of the sleeves and body are like the svelte trunk of a sapling, and the interplay of the swathe brings all the elements together in a true sense of komorebi.

I hope you enjoy making and wearing the Komorebi Wrap Jacket as much as I have loved designing it.

The Komorebi Wrap Jacket pattern is now available now in the Rabbit Rabbit Creations Etsy store for $5, today only! And don't forget to stay tuned for our ladies's version...

Thank you.
Rabbit Rabbit Creations

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