Charmed Bustle Skirt by Fancy Schmancy

Welcome back dear readers, today we have a review of the Charmed Bustle Skirt by Fancy Schmancy.  I love the elegance and beauty of this pattern - and since the bustle is OPTIONAL, the skirt can work for anything from wedding or fancy event, to dress up, to everyday wear.  Just pick the fabrics and style that fits your desired outcome and away you go!  Today we have Charrisa and Melissa each sharing their review, one with bustle, one without, and I think you too are going to fall in love with this pattern!

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  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.

The Charmed Bustle Skirt is a unique design with it's gorgeous bustle. This pattern is versatile when it comes to fabric choices. You can make it out of simple cotton or you can dress it up and go fancy.  I would have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I received the pattern, but when I cut into my fabric and started to sew it went together with ease. I had fun playing around with the bustle and it took a few tries but I love how it turned out.

For the main skirt and lining I used a cotton fabric. You can make your own ruffle trims out of coordinating fabric, but I decided on a couple of many trims that I had on hand for the look I wanted. The bustle states not to use opaque fabrics but I wanted a lace bustle. I did end up using lace but I used a cotton to line the lace. I cut a bustle out of lace and cotton then basted them together before assembling the bustle.

My daughter seamed to like it and had no complaints while wearing it. I can't wait to let her wear it out in public to see what reaction she gets. I'm sure it will be a great eye catcher and result in a ton of WOW's and "Where did you get that skirt!" 

Hey all... Melissa here from Three Dutch Divas
Pattern Review of The Charmed bustle Skirt!

The pattern can be found here Charmed Bustle Skirt, By Fancy Schmancy

I was contacted and asked to do a review of the Charmed bustle skirt by Fancy Schmancy.
At first I was a bit intimidated. I thought wow, how was I chosen for such a Fancy Schmancy little pattern! This is beautiful and elegant and I specialize in everyday princess dresses made from cotton blends that you can easily wash pizza sauce and Cheeto fingers off of!

I had to really think long and hard about what I was going to do with such a glamorous get up... for my 2 year old! Then it hit me, I don't necessarily see her as glamorous,  but she sure does!

Anyone who rides around in her car seat like this, has a flair for Fancy Schmancy!! I love that this skirt can be made with or with out a bustle!! As you can see once were dressed to impress... that's how we roll! I had a vision of trying to buckle her up and tuck that bustle in the car seat with her and then I thought... There is no way id talk her out of the fancy skirt once she had it on, so I better do the no bustle option!

SO I had a direction. I used glittery costume satins for the body and ruffles of the skirt. I used a soft functional cotton underneath. I made this thinking that it would be a PERFECT addition to my  princesses dress up box but after seeing it I absolutely love it! I think it would function as a a fancy skirt, and you could definitely play it down to wear everyday!

In our case... we don't have to play it down to wear it every day, because around here every day is a FANCY day!

Absolutely adorable!!! Even without a beautiful cascading bustle, the adorable peek a boo ruffles in the front are the perfect little touch! I've been sewing for 22 years and I love a pattern that teaches an old dog a new trick.. and this one did that! I think I have a new favorite way of sewing my waist bands and a new hemming trick to add to my repertoire!! Ohh... this fancy skirt even has me talking fancy :)

I absolutely loved capturing these photos of my princess at play! Its SO her, with all of her favorite made by mommy princess Three dutch Divas dresses hanging up... shoes, jewelry and wings scattered everywhere. All that was left to jazz up her shoot and outfit was an adorable handbag to fill with all of her princess accessories she couldn't fit ON her self. So of course she reached for her Knotty Girl Boho Bag by: Red Label Patterns

In case you don't know, its a super cute purse that can be made in large, medium or mini sizes. It's little Miss. Whitney's GO TO bag. She picked out ALL of the fabrics so maybe that's why its her favorite.... Keep an eye out I have a feeling a bag this cute will have its own review soon!!
Shes thinking... OH YEAH!!!! Now that bag really completes the look :)

Thanks for reading all about our trip down Fancy Schmancy Lane with the Charmed Bustle Skirt!! Be sure to check out her shop HERE she has TONS of beautiful things your princess would LOVE! Crowns.. flowers.. and Couture, OH MY!

Its EXHAUSTING being a princess....
OK... That's a wrap!!

OK.. seriously, HAM..... Your done now!
OK....  now maybe I can see why they asked us to do the Fancy Schmancy Charmed skirt :)