Lollipop Swirl Skirt by My Treasured Heirlooms

Sweet, simple and scrapbusting...can't beat that in my book. Today we've got 2 reviews for you of the My Treasured Heirlooms' Lollipop Skirt. From now until 10/14/14 you can enjoy 15% off the pattern using the code PRSAVE15 in the Etsy Shop

Expires 10/14/14

Expires 10/14/14

We've just finished potty training over here at the Hill house and the last child is out of diapers, but she's still not great at getting pants up and down. I've made a lot of dresses and skirts for the summer and jumped at the chance to sew up The Lollipop Swirl Skirt by My Treasured Heirlooms. It really appealed to my simple and thrifty nature-- no ruffles or over the top details AND I could use scraps left over from this project. I think this skirt is an awesome way to showcase themed fabrics for holidays and would be a great craft fair item.

I put the adorable optional pockets on a storebought tshirt instead of on the skirt. My next photo will show why...she insists on jamming her hands down in them, and if they were on the skirt it would eventually get pulled down to her knees. 

The skirt features bias cut panels which allow for a lovely drape not typical of most skirt patterns using quilters cotton in construction. 

There are 3 waistband options. Zipper, buttons or elastic. I went with the elastic this time, but read through the instructions for the other methods and there is nothing to fear! 

I'm excited to be able to have a new pattern that will be used for years to come! Sizes 12 mo-10 come in this professionally drafted pattern. 

Abby loves it and I do too! Very impressed with my first My Treasured Heirlooms Pattern! Thanks, Annastasia!

Now here's Jessica with an alternate, slim fit version of the Lollipop Swirl. Rather than creating a circle type skirt following the instructions, Jessica slimmed her skirt by alternating the wide and narrow ends of the pattern pieces. Check it out!

Hi! It's Jessica, from Snickerdoodle Stew, and today I'm bringing you a skirt that is very versatile and can easily be a staple in your little girl's wardrobe. The Lollipop Swirl Skirt from My Treasured Heirlooms is up for review today and I'm going to show you how I made it a little slim, a little sweet and a little spooky, just in time for our festive October schedule.

We have a lot (A LOT) of dresses in our house with only one little girl to wear them, and while they are the things that she picks to wear more than anything else, sometimes they are too season specific and they don't work for the whole year. I've tried to make more skirts for her, but for some reason, I just don't gravitate towards them. When I saw this skirt, I thought it would be a great way to use up small amounts of fabric and also add some fun trims for a little whimsy.

Before I tell you what I added to the pattern, let me tell you some specifics about this gem. 

  • accommodates sizes 12M-10
  • 3 different waistband options
  • uses just over a yard for the largest size
  • great scrapbuster
  • fitted waist, flounce skirt perfect for play
  • pattern pieces for most elements, cutting charts are in Metric and Imperial
  • step-by-step illustrated drawings

This skirt was an easy sew, but do allow yourself some time to make sure you go through the instructions and cut things out properly. Annastasia gives you great prompts along the way to remind you about which way to cut and sew, and please, for the love of all that is good, take heed! I had planned to do this skirt in all orange and purple, but I cut 2 of my pieces in reverse and had to scrounge for another print, so I added the black. I also didn't pay attention to the separate cutting chart for the elastic waistband, and ended up with something that made it harder to get on and off. Lesson learned. Read, read, READ!

I slimmed my skirt silhouette by alternating the wide and narrow pieces at the top and bottom. This makes for more of a straight skirt, while following the instructions will make for more of a flouncy circle skirt shape. I did pimp out this skirt a little with some ric rac on the seams and pompoms on the hem. These were simple additions that add just a little more whimsy to the skirt and also accentuate those swirly, twirly lines. The black medallion and orange dot fabrics are both from JoAnn, and the purple swirly fabric is something I picked up at my local Ben Franklin Store. Yes, be jealous! 
This skirt really has infinite possibilities, you just need to add your imagination and get sewing!